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Landmark Numismatic Rarity

1827/3 25c PCGS Proof 64 (Original)


The 1827/3 Original Strike Capped Bust Quarter is nothing less than a landmark rarity of United States numismatics. Exactly nine coins are known from this issue, a mintage that was originally recorded as 4,000 coins but later thought by numismatic scholars to be comprised of 1828 dated pieces. At many points, the 1827/3 has been compared to the 1804 dollar in terms of sheer rarity and desirability. As early as the late 1850s, these coins were recognized as considerable rarities in the numismatic community, and they have risen in fame and value ever since. Restrikes were produced that stemmed from collector demand of that time period and were made using the same obverse dated die but mated with a reverse from 1819 characterized by a square based 2 in 25c. Their appearance with the extensive rusting makes for a much less refined viewing experience, and even the novice would be apt to pick the more desirable Original Strike when compared side by side with a lesser expensive Restrike. Our example hailing from the Parmelee, Col. E.H.R. Green and James Stack collections are only exceeded in quality by three coins, two of which may be the same example (the PCGS PR65 and PCGS PR65CAM). Nevertheless, this coin is a lovely full-mirrored example with a sharp strike and pleasing golden surfaces with no substantial marks to make note.