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Major Numismatic Rarity

1794 $1 NGC/CAC AU58

Elite Items

A beautiful choice Almost Uncirculated example of this popular and rare first year dollar issue. As a rarity, the 1794 needs no introduction. With a low original mintage of just 1,758 coins, this piece is desirable in any grade as experts suspect fewer than 100 coins remain. This particular piece is extremely special due to the relative lack of adjustment marks and the overall eye appeal. It's quite unusual to find an example of this date with the coveted CAC sticker and this coin is quite possibly the most wholesome AU 1794 dollar you are ever going to see. Almost all of these have been cleaned or repaired at some point yet still make their way into PCGS and NGC holders. In importance, the 1794 comes in at #20 in the 100 Greatest U.S. Coins book, by Garrett and Guth. It is currently quite notable as the finest known example (PCGS SP66) just sold for over $10+ million in January of last year.  CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.

Gorgeous Uncirculated Bust Dollar

1799/8 $1 PCGS/CAC MS62

Elite Items

A gorgeous example of this popular overdate variety. The impressively original skin carries from the obverse to the reverse. The obverse exhibits a light honey-gold patina while the reverse is a slightly lighter tone. A real treat to offer as very few Bust Dollars have survived the past two centuries in this condition. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.