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Classic U.S. Coins > Mercury Dimes 1940-S 10c NGC MS66 DLRC #: 386201

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Category: Half Dimes & Dimes
Series: Mercury Dimes
Type: Winged liberty head (Mercury)
Years for Type: 1916-1945
Strike: Business
Denomination: Dime
Mint Location: San Francisco
Mintage: 21,560,000
Designer: Adolph A. Weinman
Composition: 90% silver; 10% copper
Diameter: 17.9mm
Weight: 2.5g / 0.08oz
Edge Type: Reeded

DLRC Auctions · Past Auction Records

Description Lot # / Auction Realized Date
1940-S 10c NGC MS66 117: Internet Auction # 757 Login 6/24/13
1940-S 10c DGS MS66 5418: Thursday - Internet Auction # 373 Login 5/15/09
1940-S 10c NGC MS66 5487: Thursday - Internet Auction # 343 Login 3/6/09
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 592: Monday - Internet Auction # 277 Login 8/26/08
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 541: Monday - Internet Auction # 273 Login 8/12/08
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 374: Monday - Internet Auction # 244 Login 5/6/08
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 5398: Thursday - Internet Auction # 207 Login 12/28/07
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 5250: Thursday - Internet Auction # 185 Login 10/12/07
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 6823: Internet Auction # 151 Login 10/12/07
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 4174: Internet Auction # 115: The Eagle One Sale Login 2/22/07
1940-S 10c NGC MS66 595: Internet Auction # 114 Login 11/21/06
1940-S 10c NGC MS66 634: Internet Auction # 112 Login 11/7/06
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 427: Auction 81: The Leesburg Sale Login 4/4/06
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 295: Internet Auction # 71 Login 1/24/06
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 453: Internet Auction #61 Login 11/8/05
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 402: Internet Auction #56 Login 10/4/05
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 375: Internet Auction #55 Login 9/27/05
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 544: Internet Auction #48 Login 8/9/05
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 483: Internet Auction #46 Login 7/20/05
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 380: Internet Auction #45 Login 7/12/05
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 336: Internet Auction #44 Login 8/9/05
1940-S 10c PCGS MS66 171: Internet Auction #32 Login 3/29/05
1940-S 10c NGC MS66 293: Internet Auction #27 Login 2/8/05

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