Client Feedback

We get a lot of feedback from clients who appreciate our dedication to high quality coins, superior knowledge of the hobby and our great customer service.

C. M. of Brooksville, FL

Hello Mr. Brush, I’m a customer of DLRC, I just wanted you to know that Jason provided me with truly great customer service along with Matthew, Mary Lee, Julia and Emily. They are all so polite and helpful. You have such a very special company and such a very special staff, and it is truly a pleasure to do business with your company. Thank You and Best Wishes.

K.M. of San Marcos, CA

Thank You, and I will note a 5 Star Review… All went very well!!

E.K. of Eureka, CA

Dear Mary, I want to compliment you and DLRC for accurate descriptions of coins offered, fair pricing, and excellent service regarding delivery. I appreciate being a customer.

B.N.of Seekonk, MA

I have to say it looks probably 100% better in person than it did on the website. The PCGS holder completely covers the dollar - so lighting and working with a camera must have been difficult - I thought it was going to be much darker - it was 99.99% bright white. I was 21 in 1971 - and I am not 21 now ;-)

S. L. of St Paul, MN

To all at David Lawrence coins, thank you for having me around at the Baltimore show! I learned so much and I appreciate you all of you for taking time out of your day to chat with me! I learned a broad range of things from practicalities like checking the cases to what type of coins are the smart ones to buy. It was very interesting for me to see what it's like to manage the business behind coins. It was very cool to hear from Jason and Michael about the non-show parts of DLRC.

Thank you all so much! I look forward to hopefully interning with you at the next major show I am able to attend.

D. O. of Fishers, IN

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to advise you that I appreciate your personal touch, as I am sure that you are a very busy individual. As well, I would like to advise you that my experiences thus far with your organization have been nothing short of satisfactory, inclusive of every purchase having greater eye appeal in person than what is portrayed in the on-line photographs. I have only recently branched-out to order coins via the Internet and am pleased with my decision to do so via DLRC. I wish you, your family, and your extended DLRC family a wonderful (and safe) Thanksgiving Holiday.

N.P. of Oakdale, NY

Thank you Jason. Your firm is among the best out there and every time I do business with you it's been such a pleasure. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

D. C. of New York, NY

Sure! Thank you. Happy New Year to you and everyone at the firm. I really appreciate the service that David Lawrence provides and hope that the firm continues with its current practices. The actions are the best in the business.

R. V. of Portland, ME

Hello -- I think you folks do an outstanding job! I'm always very pleased with how you package and deliver. Thank you!

J. S. of Royal Oak, Michigan

Thanks again for your help, I feel that you and DLRC are a partner in building my coin collection.

P.M. of New York, NY

Thank you, very much, Gary Adkins, and David Lawrence Rare Coins. Before finding Gary Adkins online, I was what I would call a “sports card shop/eBay coin collector. Yeh, I made a lot of mistakes/ But, I learned, very much, as well. Then I found Gary Adkins, and purchased some really good coins, finally. I stuck with Gary Adkins, I trusted my relationship very much with them. (I loved how they would include candies with each order! DLRC should think about including the candies…)

Anyway, when I first learned of the transition to DLRC, I was disappointed, and skeptical. "Who is this? What is all this auction stuff? I don’t think I can do this..."

I finally dipped my toe in the vast “seas” of David Lawrence, and now, I can’t seem to get enough. DLRC is MY spot. My trusted source. Even if I’m buying a $40 coin, I get treated with dignity, and full attention. This amazes me, considering the level of coins DLRC transacts.

I still keep all my coins I got from Gary Adkins. The candies are long gone though...

Thanks you, very much, to Gary, John, and the entire staff of both companies, who always make me feel like a million bucks.

J.G. Columbia, MD

I just wanted to thank you all for your help with my e-bay purchase and DLRC auction assistance, especially Matthew and Jason. Your company has superior customer service and I really appreciated you sharing your knowledge of the industry, coins in general, and the bidding process. It’s great to see companies such as yours take care of its customers and provide more than just a transaction. You have a customer for life.

A.G. of New York, NY

I just opened an order I received from you this week. It is a 1950 NGC PR66RD Lincoln cent. I have a complete (BU/PR inc all MM’s) Lincoln cent collection fairly hi-grade from 1909-present. I have many multiple issues of raw and certified coins to meet the quality I have set as a goal. This coin will replace a 1950 PR65RD Cameo previously chosen to be in my A set. It is a true Gem+PQ coin, with a brilliant finish, sharp strike and remarkably mark-free for the grade. It is much better in hand than it was (well photographed) on the original listing on your website. Also, the price was extremely fair for the quality of this coin. I wanted to thank you and all at David Lawrence for yet another high quality collector coin that I have added to my collection with pride and satisfaction.

G.P. of Harrisburg, PA

Received the 1911-S Barber dime promptly in the mail. Thank you..... it looks wonderful and I look forward to future purchases! Not sure how to relay my appreciation so hopefully this email will suffice. Thanks again!

G.P. of Harrisburg, PA

I very much appreciate your reply. Your proactive engagement with customers like me, in addition to the wide variety of coins in your inventory, has reassured me that there are quality businesses, such as David Lawrence, that will be the first I go to when I wish to look to add to my collection. Thanks so much!

M.S. of Pittsburgh, PA

Best compliment I can give DLRC (four folks I've dealt with) - Responsiveness to client. Novice or expert.

Maybe you saw the sale: Am now proud part owner of a Key Date Flying Eagle, via 3.5 month layaway. From Hansen collection. 1856, AU55, CAC (1 of 3!). Kudos, again, to your dynamic trio of Julia, Mary Lee and Matthew. After our e-mail exchange last week, went to DLRC website out of curiosity. No intention to purchase since trying to save for the two Lincoln Key Date pennies I want this Summer.

E-mailed Matthew. Realized might be on travel. Contacted Julia. Rest is history. Before I could explain my interest, she told me it was available, beautiful, and did not make me ask, incredible best price offer. Great deal, coin and service.

Thank you for reply e-mail last week, Blog Q&A, and --- A 1856 Flying Eagle!

See you in August. If burgers are not your thing, smoked ribs and chicken too ...

B.R. of Washington, DC

To the management of David Lawrence. Recently, I purchased a 1918 Lincoln Commemorative. I had the wrong shipping address and I expected I would lose the coin. However, Mary Lee, went out of her way to track down my coin and get it to me. I am very impressed and thankful for her efforts. I think it's time I delete my links to other coin services! Thanks again Mary Lee.

K.B. of Chesterfield, MO

Thanks. Sorry to bother you on a Sunday. As always your service is unsurpassed . One of the reasons you're tops on my list!

G.H. of Gahanna, OH

I received the 1904 Liberty Gold PCGS MS64 today. I was blown away-This coin was greatly under graded. The face was spot free and perfect. Wow! Thanks again!

J.A. of Goodyear, AZ

John, thanks so much. You and your company are the best on the internet!! Keep up the good work.

M.T. of Germany

Dear Mary, Hello Matt, Both coins reached me sound and safe! I could pick them up after work from our village Post Office, which unfortunately is closed on Wednesday afternoons. Again I am fully pleased with this purchase and couldn’t be happier! Both coins are absolutely fantastic. All I can say is thank you both, again, so much for providing such professional and customer friendly services. Have a great and successful day.

P.B. of United Kingdom

Hi Mary, I received my coin today MS64 Grant 50c. It's a beautiful coin, very nice toning on it. Thanks once again for your quick delivery and service. I hope to buy from you again very soon.

G.O. of Prescott, AZ

I received my first order today (1889 CC PCGS AU53) and was blown away. It was the most money I have spent on a coin so far in my collecting activities so I was a bit apprehensive. I swear it's nicer than some other CC Morgans I have that are supposedly MS65. What a relief. I know your company has a good reputation but seeing is believing. I will likely be in touch with you to secure the 3 remaining coins I need to complete my Carson City collection.

M.P. of Oklahoma City, OK

Thanks Jason! I appreciate it. And I do like that coin. And I like how you and the DR Team conduct business. You have a great operation and wonderful inventory. My grandfather got me interested in coin collecting when I was 9 and I have always enjoyed them. Thanks for working with me and look forward to future business.

D.E. of Palmdale, CA

Hi Matt, Thank you very much for the Olympic Silver Commemorative "weekly drawing" that was included in the order(s) package I received today... I am humbled to be in the presence of the collection of coins I have been fortunate enough to acquire through DLRC. A historical wide variety from around the world whereas if coins could talk, one would be awestruck by the stories they could tell! I am most appreciative that the day I finally worked up the courage to call DLRC, you answered the phone, and immediately put me at ease... You always treated me with kindness and respect, which helped propel my decision to make a substantial investment in coins with DLRC these past seven months. You have been a guiding light with any questions or concerns I posed; and please know that the qualities you have exhibited are very, very, very rare indeed - any customer who is lucky enough to work with you at DLRC is in safe and excellent hands. First impressions are lasting impressions, and because of our initial conversation, what was first intended to be a "one time only purchase" grew into a colossal collection of coinage with historical value beyond measure. Thank you for everything, and I look forward to working with you and everybody at DLRC on many, many future purchases.