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    Pretty, Early Bust Quarter

    1806/5 25c PCGS/CAC XF40


    Choice XF example! Excellent detail remains with bold repunching of the date. Traces of original mint luster glimmer beneath even, light grey patina. Underlying hints of pastel toning can be seen on the obverse when turned in the light. CAC approved for quality.

    Famous Key Date

    1916 Standing Liberty 25c PCGS/CAC XF40


    Pleasing caramel-grey surfaces with appreciable patches of remaining luster. Solid details for the grade with no singularly distracting blemishes. Nice! The 1916 is the key to the Standing Liberty quarter series, the 1916 is also the first year of issue. Just 52,000 coins were struck and most were not saved. CAC approved for quality.