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    Elusive Half Cent

    1802/0 1/2c PCGS F15 (Rev. 1802) ex: D.L. Hansen


    The 1802 half cent is a challenging date and the key issue in the Draped Bust series. The Reverse of 1800 is so rare as to be almost prohibitive with just a handful known, making the reverse of 1802 the primary collectible variety. The present coin has a even dark chocolate color throughout and nice eye appeal for the grade with no abrasions worthy of individual note.

    Rare Date

    1821 1c PCGS AU58


    A tougher Matron Head Cent date that would please most collectors. Charming chocolate-brown surfaces are boldly defined with satiny luster, pretty lavender undertones, and lovely hints of original mint-red remaining in the protected areas. The eye appeal is wonderful!