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    Elusive Half Cent

    1802/0 1/2c PCGS F15 (Rev. 1802) ex: D.L. Hansen

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    Next Bid: $3,855.00
    Closes: 2D 16H

    The 1802 half cent is a challenging date and the key issue in the Draped Bust series. The Reverse of 1800 is so rare as to be almost prohibitive with just a handful known, making the reverse of 1802 the primary collectible variety. The present coin has a even dark chocolate color throughout and nice eye appeal for the grade with no abrasions worthy of individual note.

    Finest Known!

    1906 1c NGC Proof 66 RD UCAM

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    Closes: 2D 16H

    The finest known example from a low mintage of just 1,725 coins struck in proof format. The issue was struck from dies that were polished in such a way that the vast majority of coins emerged from the press with both the fields and devices reflective. This beauty is a stunning exception and the sole Deep Cameo piece certified. Fully struck with enchanting, highly reflective fields that contrast starkly against the devices. Vivid red and golden-orange coloration coat the virtually pristine surfaces creating outstanding eye appeal! 

    Popular Key Date

    1909-S VDB 1c PCGS AU58

    Next Bid: $1,950.00
    Closes: 2D 16H

    Handsome brown coloration coats this slider evenly and a deep patina is present. The 1909-S VDB is one of the primary keys to the Lincoln cent collection and a rare date that is coveted by all collectors.