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    Tough Date!

    1825 1/2c NGC AU55

    Next Bid: $700.00
    Closes: 5D 15H

    Low mintage of only 63,000 pieces. This was a workhorse coin of the time, and very few survived in AU to MS grades. A nicely lustrous piece that appears to be conservatively graded.

    Rare Restrike!

    1823 1c PCGS MS64 RB (Private Restrike)

    Next Bid: $1,800.00
    Closes: 5D 15H

    PCGS #81629. Choice example of this fascinating Restrike, which always appears with the broken obverse die marks and weakly struck reverse. These restrikes were privately produced in the 1860s and 1870s from discarded U.S. Mint dies. Softly struck from heavily rusted dies, abundant red-orange remains in the protected areas.

    Fantastic Pedigree

    1838 1c NGC MS65 RB ex: Andre Dawson

    Next Bid: $3,850.00
    Closes: 5D 15H

    Yes. THAT Andre Dawson. Many don't remember that he actually put together an impressive collection of coins years ago. As a Cubs fan, this would be a fantastic piece of baseball and numismatic memorabilia! Glossy, smooth surfaces feature bold detail throughout and rich brick-red color with beautiful orange and olive undertones. The eye appeal is wonderful!

    Beautiful, Rare Proof Large Cent

    1849 1c PCGS/CAC Proof 65 RB (N-18) ex: Dan Holmes

    Next Bid: $26,100.00
    Closes: 5D 15H

    PCGS #400589. Rare Proof Large Cent from a mintage of just 20 pieces! A stunning gem example of the Newcomb 18 variety, the usual early die state for this proof-only die marriage. Fully detailed mirrors shine deeply with especially nice reflectivity on the obverse. Delicate olive-brown and blue-steel toning gives way to vivid original mint orange color splashed on both sides and highlighting the design elements. The eye appeal is exceptional, an exciting offering for the advanced collector!

    Scarce Date/Variety

    1870 1c NGC/CAC AU58

    Next Bid: $685.00
    Closes: 5D 15H

    Key date in the Indian cent series. Though not on the holder, this is a doubled die reverse, with doubling in ONE CENT, on the shield, and upper left side wreath. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.

    Key Date

    1870 1c PCGS MS65+ RD

    Next Bid: $3,500.00
    Closes: 5D 15H

    Key date in the Indian cent series. Scarce in gem grades, this fully red example displays vibrant-orange surfaces with bold striking detail throughout. The eye appeal is fantastic!