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    Shekel of Tyre, Lifetime Issue of Jesus Christ, Rare

    Ancient Greek: 126 BC-AD 67 Phoenicia Shekel of Tyre NGC Ch VF (Flan Crack) Strike: 3/5, Surface: 4/5

    Vault Value

    NGC graded CH VF, Strike 4/5 Surface 3/5; rare variety and historically important as it is a dated while Jesus Christ was alive. Known as a Lifetime issue struck years before the crucifixion of Christ. A highly desirable issue coveted by rare coin collectors because of the special date. The obverse depicts the likeness of the Phoenician god Melkart. An eagle is perched on the prow of a ship on the reverse. The Jerusalem minted Shekel continued to include the Mint mark of Tyre, a club near the eagle's foot, because Herod did not want to give the appearance that Tyre had lost power and that the Jews were sovereign in Jerusalem. The Shekel of Tyre was the main silver coin used in Judea during the time of the Temple and the New Testament. The coin used for the yearly one-half shekel donation to the Temple, and the infamous 30 pieces of silver for which Judas betrayed Jesus, are both references to the Silver Shekels of Tyre.