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 :  Ancient Roman
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    42 BC L.Liv. Regulus AR Denarius NGC XF (Ancient Roman)


    Grade: XF, Strike: 4/5, Surface Quality: 3/5. Bankers mark. Obverse of L.Livenieus Rugulus, reverse of gladiators and beasts. A most extraordinary coin showing a gladiatorial contest that pitches man against beast - a scene right out of a Hollywood movie. One man with a spear lands what must be a fatal blow to a pouncing lion; another man with sword at the ready raised his shield to defend himself against a pouncing panther, and a wounded animal lies wounded in the upper left field. The standard references refer to this animal as a boar, but on this sharp example it has pronounced horns, and thus must be some kind of exotic member of the bull family. Not only is the scene remarkable, but this is a particularly good example of this coin with plenty of detail and a clear, crisp strike that really doesn't get any better for this coin. An inconspicuous banker's mark on the portrait hardly detracts. Lovely multi-hued toning. One of the clearest and strongest examples of this popular type to have come to market in years.