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    1794 Franklin Press Token NGC MS63 BN

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    These tokens are British and were never circulated in America; however, their mention of Benjamin Franklin lands them in the U.S. colonial category. The press on this coin, often called a Franklin press, is believed to be what Ben Franklin used during his time in London. Attractive mahogany brown surfaces are crisply defined and softly lustrous.

    Fascinating Issue!

    1776 Continental Dollar $1 PCGS/CAC XF40 (CURENCY, Pewter)


    An intriguing issue as the origin of these coins is not clear, it has long been considered a "Colonial" coin and possibly American's first dollar. New research has likely uncovered that the coin was actually struck in Germany as a commemorative token. This original XF example boasts pleasing gunmetal gray and olive color with nice remaining luster, especially around the date. Whatever its origins, this is still an absolutely choice example, a wonderful piece of history and a tangible reminder of the struggle that ensued against the British leading up to the formation of a proud nation, the United States of America.