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    1864 2c PCGS MS66 RD (Small Motto)


    The first coin to ever have the motto IN GOD WE TRUST placed on it was the Two-Cent piece in 1864. This earlier version of production displayed smaller sized letters and the obverse hub was only briefly used. As a result, the Small Motto version is now one of the two key issues in the series along with the 1872. Gem issues are scarce, let alone fully red examples. As only 8 pieces have been graded by PCGS as MS66 Red, this coin is considered a Condition Census example. Incredibly well-preserved with stunning red mirrors, the strike is also something to behold. A finer example cannot be found, privately or publicly, allowing this piece to be the capstone of what could in the future, possibly be the finest Type Set or Collection of Two Cent pieces.