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    Beautiful Gem

    1854 3cS PCGS MS66 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Flashy mint luster gleams through silver surfaces with tints of pale gold here and there. Trace die clashes can be seen on the obverse but no surface marks of any significance. Scarce and popular type 2, 3-cent silver type that was only issued from 1854-1856. A MS66+ example for the date is displayed in the Hansen Collection number one set.

    Smokey Grey Gem!

    1856 3cS PCGS MS65 ex: D.L. Hansen


    An often weakly struck issue, this piece has a few weak spots but overall has very nice details throughout. Deep smokey-grey toning makes its appearance on the peripherals and luster can be seen shining through across the piece. Desirable type coin from the scarce type 2 3-cent silver series.

    Colorful Choice Example

    1857 3cS PCGS/CAC MS64


    This original piece boasts blue, orange, and golden toning that is illuminated by strong luster. The type 2 design of three-cent silvers was struck from 1854-58 and represents the scarcest of the three design types. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.

    Beautiful Gem Trime

    1858 3cS PCGS/CAC Proof 66+ ex: D.L. Hansen


    High-end premium gem with a needle-sharp strike. Rose gold centers yield outwardly to bands of electric blue, violet, and sea-foam green enhancing already astonishing eye appeal. Mintage of only 300 coins. CAC approved for quality. PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade. The Hansen Collection number one registry set displays a finest known PR66CAM example for the date.

    Among The Finest Known

    1864 3cS NGC Proof 67 CAM


    Low mintage proof issue of just 470 coins struck. According to the census, there are 9 finer coins, including 4 DCAM examples, but some of these are likely crackouts that have been resubmitted over the years. This is a stunning example, with liquid fields and frosty devices. Only the date digits and the ICA in AMERICA are weakly frosted, which barely disqualifies it from the DCAM territory. A wonderful and rare opportunity.

    Breathtaking Gem Proof

    1867 3cS PCGS/CAC Proof 67 CAM


    Low mintage proof of just 625 coins struck. Very few survive in such lofty grade. Only 8 finer at both major grading services combined, which includes 2 DCAM examples. Even fewer are CAC'd. The present coin has deeply toned fields with frosty devices. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.

    Rare, Key Date

    1884 3cN PCGS/CAC AU50


    Very scarce date in the Three Cent Nickel series from a mintage of just 1,700. Attractive, original surfaces are nicely defined with only the slightest hints of friction. Steel-gray with glints of olive-gold, the eye appeal is strong for the grade.

    Scarce Key Date

    1884 3cN PCGS/CAC AU53 ex: D.L. Hansen


    The only coin in this grade to gain the coveted CAC sticker. Handsome dove grey coloration showcase this coins pristine unharmed surfaces. Soft luster glows through an appealing even layer of patina. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal. A MS66 example resides in the number 1 Three Cent Nickel set.

    Only One Finer!

    1888 3cN PCGS MS67+


    Low mintage issue. Just 36,500 coins struck, but becomes exceedingly difficult to locate in such a lofty grade. Creamy luster coats the untoned surfaces helping to highlight the full, sharp striking detail. PCGS pop 11 with only 1 finer, according to CoinFacts.