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    Key, First Year Proof

    1865 3cN PCGS/CAC Proof 66 CAM


    The key date in the proof 3-cent nickel series along with the proof-only 1877. One of just 500 coins struck in proof this year. Excellent contrast between the fields and devices. Some weakness in the frost on the roman numerals holds it back from the DCAM designation. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.

    Rare Deep Cameo Proof

    1865 3cN PCGS Proof 66+ DCAM

    Coins We Love

    Gorgeous superb gem, one of just 500 coins struck in proof this year with only four PCGS examples graded finer. Rich golden toning coats both the frosty, sharply struck devices and deep watery mirrors. A fantastic piece for the advanced registry collector. CWL Special $10,750 - Normally $12,250

    Essentially Flawless

    1866 3cN NGC Proof 67 CAM *Star*


    One of just 725 coins struck in proof this year, but very few exist in such incredible condition. Gold toning throughout that enhances and does not hinder the reflectivity. NGC has granted their Star designation for exceptional eye appeal. There are none finer in Cameo, though there are around two dozen known DCAM's.