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    Sterling Silver, .925

    Hamilton by Tiffany and Co. Gravy Boat Set (Gravy Boat, Plate, and Gravy Ladle)


    This is a beautiful Hamilton by Tiffany and Co Gravy Boat set. This set includes a gravy boat, gravy ladle, and plate. All items are sterling silver (92.5%) and the total weight is 1 pound 8.7 ounces. It is quite unique to see a whole 3 piece set together like this. We actually acquired this item from a coin shop several years ago and have had it on display in our office for a few years, but since my wife won't let us use it for Thanksgiving Dinner, we're ready to pass along the opportunity to someone else who wants to fight a losing battle.The name, Hamilton, is actually taken from the first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. We've found similar items listed for sale for around $1,400 if you piece the set together, but we're aiming a bit lower to allow someone else this unusual opportunity.