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    Scarce Date

    1802 10c PCGS VF25


    A desirable early draped bust type coin with the large eagle reverse. Less than 100 certified in all grades according to the PCGS Pop Report. This lovely original has never been cleaned and retains excellent eye appeal. These rarely come up for sale, so do not miss this opportunity!

    Tough Overdate

    1823/2 10c PCGS XF45 (Small Es)

    Next Bid: $925.00
    Closes: 1D 13H

    Desirable and ideal type coin issue for the capped bust design (large size). Difficult to find in better grades. The present example is primarily white and displays more than enough luster for the given grade. The overdate is bold and easily seen.

    Scarce Variety

    1829 10c PCGS AG-03 (Curl Base 2)


    Curl Base 2, Breen 3188. The base of a typical 2 for this date is flat with a slight serif. This rare variety exhibits a wavy or curled base on the 2, still identifiable despite the heavy wear. Only one working die had this curled base 2, and was obviously used for a short press run.

    Scarce Design

    1838 10c PCGS MS62 (Partial Drapery)


    A great gold-grey example of this exciting piece. Soft luster is visible and especially captivating in hand. Most of the 1838 issues have no drapery below Liberty's left elbow, but this variety shows a partial drapery design. It is the scarcest of the three major designs of the year.