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    Desirable Type Coin

    1797 10c NGC VF30 (13 Stars, JR-2)


    Very desirable as an early draped bust type coin with the small eagle reverse. 13 stars are engraved on the obverse to represent the count of states in the Union at the time of issue. Pleasing light brown surfaces of this charming VF retain bold detail considering the grade with no individually significant distractions or abrasions. Undertones of gold, red, and powder blue are revealed under a light source. Nice!

    Rare Variety

    1829 10c PCGS/CAC VG-08 (Curl Base 2)


    Rare and very popular variety within the capped bust design (small size). Exceedingly rare in higher grades, this affordable VG option boasts original and perfect for the grade with smooth grey surfaces. The outline of all design elements visible with the date especially sharp!