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    Scarce Design

    1838 10c PCGS MS62 (Partial Drapery)


    A great gold-grey example of this exciting piece. Soft luster is visible and especially captivating in hand. Most of the 1838 issues have no drapery below Liberty's left elbow, but this variety shows a partial drapery design. It is the scarcest of the three major designs of the year.

    Colorful Gem

    1857 10c PCGS MS65


    Creamy white gold surfaces are overlayed with teal and russet toning, especially prevalent around the peripherals. This nice gem has all the luster that is expected and is bursting with details!

    Scarce O-Mint

    1859-O 10c PCGS MS65


    Lovely gem example of this scarce O-mint. Well-struck and nicely lustrous surfaces are tinted a pleasing pale gold on the reverse while the obverse displays blended blue-green and purple tints.