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    Struck the Year of the Gold Rush

    1849-D G$1 PCGS MS63


    An impressive condition rarity! This fantastic early gold dollar was struck during the big gold rush year of 1849, at the Dahlonega Mint. A select piece, with uncommonly sharp to full striking detail throughout the bright lemon gold surfaces. The luster is strong and ranges from satiny to semi-reflective in finish. The eye appeal is wonderful!

    Amazing Coin!

    1851 G$1 PCGS/CAC MS67 (OGH)

    Vault Value

    An absolutely stunning type one gold dollar with superb, original surfaces. While there are other pieces technically graded higher, we view it as a crime to tamper with this beautifully preserved old green holder. The coin is truly special with such stunning satiny luster and no noticeable marks. CAC approved for quality.

    Scarce New Orleans Gold Dollar

    1852-O G$1 PCGS MS64

    Next Bid: $8,750.00
    Closes: 4D 20H

    Popular New Orleans issue. Conditionally rare at this level, the surfaces feature softly frosted luster and warm golden coloration. Bright peach and pale blue undertones highlight the strongly struck devices, with only slight weakness seen in the date and the LL in DOLLAR on the reverse as is typical of the issue. The eye appeal is wonderful!

    Scarce Type 2 Variety

    1854 G$1 PCGS/CAC MS65+ (Type 2)


    Scarce type 2. gold dollar. The special thing about this gem type coin is not only that it's scarce in such high grade, but there is no evidence of die clashing whatsoever on this piece. Estimates range from 10-15% of the coins produced at this period to be free of such obstructions and this coin is the first we have handled with this appearance in years. CAC approved for quality. PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade.

    Finest Known!

    1856-D G$1 PCGS MS62+

    Next Bid: $87,500.00
    Closes: 4D 20H

    The sole finest known example of this elusive issue from an original mintage of only 1,460 coins. This stunning specimen is well struck but shows the characteristic weakness at the U of UNITED and the 5 of the date. Satiny, clean surfaces are aglow with bright luster and ideal warm yellow-golden color. An incredibly preserved survivor worthy of the discerning branch mint collector. PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade.

    Scarce Dahlonega Issue

    1857-D G$1 NGC MS62

    Next Bid: $16,000.00
    Closes: 4D 20H

    Scarce Dahlonega mint issue from a low mintage of only 3,533 coins struck. NGC has graded only two examples finer. This rare Mint State example saw outstanding preservation. Bright lemon-gold surfaces are lustrous and display an above average strike for the issue. Excellent eye appeal!

    Frosty Gem

    1866 G$1 PCGS MS65 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Spectacular gem example that exhibits sharp details and frosty mint luster. Early type 3 gold dollar. Only 7,100 coins struck and tougher to find than one would expect. The Hansen Collections' primary registry set holds a MS67 and a MS67+ example!


    1874 G$1 PCGS MS67 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Type 3 gold dollar type coin with gorgeous luster. An attractive red mark is noticeable near 3 o'clock on the obverse accounting for the originality of the copper composition. The primary collection holds one of the finest for the date a MS68!

    Low Mintage Issue

    1882 G$1 PCGS/CAC MS65+ ex: D.L. Hansen


    Wonderful gem! Razor sharp strike highlighted by bright tangerine toning and flashy luster throughout. High end eye appeal! PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade. CAC approved for quality. One of the finest known examples for the date, a MS68, is displayed in the Hansen Collection number one set.