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    Scarce, Early Type Coin

    1812 $5 PCGS MS64 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Select example of this scarce, early type coin for the Capped Bust Half Eagle series with lovely eye appeal for the issue. It comes from a low original mintage of 58,087 coins struck. Attractive honey-golden patina with deeper orange accents highlighting the sharply struck design elements.

    Rare Variety!

    1818 $5 PCGS MS61 (5D/50)


    A very exciting and beautiful rarity! One of the most celebrating type coins of all US gold issues, the Capped Head (facing left) $5 gold pieces are unbelievably scarce in any mint state grade. This present example is the rare 5D/50 variety with blundered reverse die showing D of denomination over erroneous 0. Bold definition and pleasing luster grace the attractive green-gold surfaces of this select specimen. Fresh to the market, this is a very difficult to locate date, no matter the variety and even more special as the elusive 5D/50 issue.

    Tough Variety

    1818 $5 PCGS MS63 (STATESOF)


    PCGS has graded less than 10 examples finer that this select specimen! A scarce variety of a desirable type issue, "States Of" was inscribed so close that it appears as essentially one word. Satiny sunny golden surfaces are nicely lustrous, especially on the reverse, with pleasing touches of orange-rose highlights. Great eye appeal!

    Famous Rarity

    1824 $5 PCGS AU55 ex: D.L. Hansen


    The 1824 half eagle boasts a low mintage of 17,340 pieces, with an estimated 30 to 40 examples extant today. This attractive AU presents a rare opportunity sure to catch the attention of advanced early gold collectors. Gently circulated surfaces reveal no individually bothersome abrasions and retain ample mint luster. The strike is uniformly bold with light, even rub over the high-points. Antique-gold surfaces are touched with original deeper orange tints throughout creating lovely eye appeal.

    Very Scarce Issue

    1827 $5 PCGS MS61 (BD-1) ex: D.L. Hansen


    PCGS #519939. A gorgeous Mint State example of this scarce date Capped Bust Half Eagle. Incredibly lustrous surfaces are frosty with lovely green gold coloration and touches of orange highlighting the devices. Sharply defined with minimal, grading defining handling marks none of which distract from the outstanding eye appeal. An awesome opportunity for the advanced collector!