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    Popular First Year of Design

    1839 $5 NGC AU58


    Popular first-year of Liberty head design. In fact, the head-type is different from subsequent years adding to its desirability. This attractive near Mint State example, features only light, minimal wear and lovely greenish-gold surfaces with traces of mint luster present.

    Better Date

    1839 $5 PCGS MS61


    Popular first-year of Liberty head design. In fact, the head-type is different from subsequent years adding to its desirability. A great grade to cost effectively get into this date without sacrificing eye appeal! Satiny warm golden toned surfaces are boldly detailed and have been wonderfully preserved.

    Scarce Charlotte Issue

    1842-C $5 PCGS XF40 (Small Date)


    Lustrous, lightly marked surfaces and with original, golden-yellow color. Moderate high-point friction is present, although the coin retains wonderful detail. Incredibly scarce Charlotte issue from a low mintage of just 4,595 coins with sharp details for the assigned grade.

    Scarce Dahlonega Issue

    1842-D $5 NGC AU55 (Small Date)


    Scarce Dahlonega mint issue, just 37,917 coins minted of all varieties. Of the small date and large date varieties, the small date is more available but also a great value. This handsome example presents Slight high-point friction is present, although the coin retains plenty of crisp detail. Honey-gold coloration is uniformly present on both sides lending to the pleasing visual appeal.

    Second Rarest D-Mint Issue

    1842-D $5 NGC AU50 (Large Date)


    The large date large letters 1842-D was struck with new dies which arrived later in the year. This variety is much rarer than the small date counterpart, with less than 100 coins known to exist. This bright AU display lovely greenish-gold undertones and dominate lemon-gold coloration over lightly circulated surfaces. Plenty of bold detail remains and the eye appeal is quite strong!

    Desirable Dahlonega Half Eagle

    1845-D $5 NGC MS62


    A scarce Dahlonega Mint issue from a low mintage of 90,629 coins in gorgeous Mint State condition! This is the finest example of this desirable date and mint mark combination we've had the honor of offering. Magnificently bright surfaces are vibrant with lively luster and gorgeous lemon-gold coloration. The typical survivor is found heavily abraded, so Southern gold collectors will appreciate the well-struck clean surfaces of this specimen.

    Repunched Mintmark

    1846-D/D $5 PCGS AU53


    Lovely AU example of this popular repunched mintmark variety. The secondary D can be seen imbedded in the branch stem and fletchings. Bright luster remains in the sheltered areas surrounding the nicely defined devices.

    Desirable Charlotte Half Eagle

    1850-C $5 PCGS MS61

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    Popular Charlotte-issue gold piece with stunningly beautiful characteristics. Well-struck for the date with dazzling fields, this beautiful yellow-gold piece is certainly one of the most attractive for the date that we've seen. Only 63,591 coins minted of this issue of which only eight have been graded finer than the present offering.

    Beautiful Branch Mint Issue

    1858-C $5 PCGS MS62


    A beautiful uncirculated example of this popular Charlotte issue. From a mintage of just 38,856 examples, only a single PCGS piece has been graded finer, a MS62+! Ideal medium-gold color spans both sides with plenty of bright luster throughout. The surfaces reveal only a few wispy, grade defining marks none of any consequence to the incredible eye appeal!

    Rare Date

    1859-C $5 NGC AU55+


    Nicely preserved AU example of this rare and popular branch mint gold issue from the Charlotte mint. One of the final years of production that resulted in a mintage of just under 32,000 pieces.