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    Key Date

    1887 $5 PCGS/CAC Proof 55 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Extraordinary example of this fabled key date entry in the classic U.S. gold coin series. From a mintage of 87 coins, it is estimated 35 to 45 are extant today of which only four have been graded finer than the present offering. A handsome patina of warm orange-gold graces the sharply defined surfaces. Much of the original reflectivity remains and only trivial handling marks keep this piece in the AU category. Overall a spectacular example worthy of the advanced collector!

    Beautiful Deep Cameo Proof

    1898 $5 PCGS Proof 67 DCAM ex: D.L. Hansen, Eliasberg, Clapp


    Whoa! An amazing beauty. As stated in the Stack's Catalog from August 2017: "This Superb Gem Cameo Proof 1898 half eagle would serve as a highlight in the finest numismatic cabinet. The finish is characterized by exceptionally strong field to device contrast. The fields are deeply mirrored with a subtle 'orange peel' texture discernible on the obverse when examined with the aid of a loupe. The reverse field, on the other hand, has a smoother and more uniform texture. The devices on both sides are universally full in strike with a lovely satin texture. Subtle pale rose peripheral highlights and handsome golden-orange surfaces enhance the eye appeal.The 1898 has one of the lowest mintages among post-1880s Proof Liberty half eagles -- only 75 coins. Interestingly, this issue seems to have enjoyed a higher rate of survival than some of the higher mintage half eagles from the same era, and examples are offered for sale at least as often as most of its contemporaries. Writing in the 2008 edition of the book Encyclopedia of U.S. Gold Coins: 1795-1933, Jeff Garrett and Ron Guth account for only 30 to 40 survivors in all grades. PCGS CoinFacts provides a more liberal estimate of 45 to 55 coins extant. Our experience suggests that the Garrett and Guth estimate is a bit closer to the truth. As one of the finest certified Proof 1898 half eagles, and undoubtedly among the finest known, this incredible specimen is sure to find its way into another highly regarded collection." Provenance: Ex John M. Clapp, who acquired the coin directly from the Philadelphia Mint, November 1898; Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr., 1942, Sale of the United States Gold Coin Collection (Eliasberg), October 1982.