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    Popular O-Mint

    1844-O $10 NGC MS60


    Rare uncirculated example of this popular New Orleans mint issue. Flashy wheat-gold surfaces have been beautifully preserved. Sharply detailed with incredible eye appeal for the grade level as well as the issue.

    Rare Issue

    1857-S $10 PCGS AU58

    Next Bid: $10,500.00
    Closes: 4D 11H

    Rare early Ten from a mintage of just 26,000 coins. A delightfully smooth and boldly defined AU example! Satiny luster radiates from the sunny-golden surfaces, devoid of any mentionable abrasions this is a stunning piece to view in hand!

    Rare Issue!

    1858 $10 PCGS/CAC AU53


    A choice example of this incredibly scarce and key date issue. From a minor mintage of just 2,521 coins, with a survival estimated of only 50-65 coins. With a population of just 9 coins, PCGS has graded only seven examples finer, this coin is tied for finest with a CAC sticker.

    Rare Issue!

    1858 $10 PCGS AU55 ex: D.L. Hansen


    From a population of two with only five examples finer at PCGS, this beautiful AU saw impressive preservation. Lovely warm golden-orange color can be coats the well-struck design elements framed by strong prooflike luster in the protected areas. An incredible piece for the advanced collector!

    Rare S-Mint

    1858-S $10 PCGS AU55


    A rare and underrated S-Mint eagle from a mintage of 11,800. With no uncirculated survivors known, attractive AU examples such as this are highly desirable! Traces of mint luster glow along the peripherals and surrounding the boldly struck devices. Uniform medium-gold coloration spans both sides with no mentionable contact marks to take away from the strong eye appeal! PCGS has graded only four examples finer.

    Civil War Date

    1861 $10 PCGS MS62 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Wonderful, conditionally rare Civil War eagle! Bested by only four examples at either service this exceptional piece has been beautifully preserved. Choice surfaces feature bold luster and warm golden color coming together to create strong visual appeal!

    Tough Civil War Era S-Mint

    1861-S $10 PCGS AU55


    Very tough Civil War era gold piece struck at the San Francisco mint. Wonderful remaining luster lights up the well-preserved surfaces of this lovely AU. Even rub can be seen over the high points of the design elements though plenty of bold detail remains. Beautiful golden-orange coloration adds to the excellent eye appeal!

    Rare S-Mint

    1863-S $10 PCGS/CAC AU53

    Next Bid: $30,500.00
    Closes: 4D 11H

    A beautifully original example of this very tough Civil War era gold piece struck at the San Francisco mint. A rare AU survivor with handsome orange-gold surfaces that retain a delightful amount of original mint luster, and show only light traces of circulation.

    Low Mintage Rarity

    1869 $10 PCGS AU58


    This low-mintage Philadelphia issue is memorable due to the incredibly low mintage of just 1,830 pieces. Very difficult (and even rare!) in AU58 grades, it is impossible to locate finer examples. In fact, only 2 pieces have been graded finer by PCGS! Fantastically lustrous with just the slightest amount of wear on Liberty's curls, this piece is perfect for the true numismatist.

    Scarce, Low Mintage P-Mint

    1870 $10 PCGS AU58

    Coins We Love

    An underrated date with less than 100 known to exist from a minor mintage of only 3,990 pieces struck. From a population of 8 this beauty is tied for finest known PCGS example and is bested by only a single known Mint State specimen, a NGC MS60. Slight, even friction touches the high points of the strongly impressed design elements. The lightly abraded yellow-gold surfaces retain strong amount of prooflike reflectivity creating outstanding eye appeal.

    Key Date

    1872-S $10 NGC AU53

    No Reserve
    Next Bid: $525.00
    Closes: 11D 11H

    Key date in the Liberty ten dollar series with a low mintage of just 17,300. Very scarce in all grades with only a couple known in mint state. This delightfully clean and lustrous AU is nicely defined with pleasing orange-gold coloration throughout.