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    Low Mintage Date

    1842-O $10 PCGS/CAC XF40

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    Closes: 15D 14H

    Early O-mint Eagle from a low mintage date of 27,400 coins. An original XF example with nice remaining luster and solid details for the grade. Pleasing sunny-golden color dominates with deeper orange tints along the rims.

    Scarce O-Mint

    1848-O $10 PCGS/CAC AU58


    Very scarce, low mintage eagle. Just 35,850 coins were struck and only a handful survive in mint state. Although weakly struck, the luster and surface quality is spectacular. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.

    Popular O-Mint

    1851-O $10 NGC XF45


    Popular and scarce early New Orleans Eagle. Just 263,000 coins struck and very few survive. Rich medium-gold toning coats both sides. Nicely defined with pleasing luster remaining and a lack of singularly distracting abrasions that make for great in hand eye appeal.

    Scarce Civil War Eagle

    1863 $10 PCGS/CAC AU55 ex: Fairmont


    A highly desirable $10 Liberty from a scant mintage of just 1,218. This choice example is the finest graded with a CAC sticker. Only 1 or 2 have ever graded uncirculated. Dominant honey golden color gives way to lovely pink tones framing the devices. Minimal wear across the high points and considerable luster remaining in the protected areas makes for a fantastic piece to view in hand.