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    Low Mintage Saint Gaudens

    1908-S $20 NGC MS63


    The 1908-S Saint is our favorite date for value as collectors covet the date for being the lowest mintage in the ENTIRE series. Just 22,000 pieces were struck and finding any example is extremely difficult. Frosty and well-struck this select examples offers ample eye appeal. A perfect piece for the discerning collector.

    Scarce P-Mint

    1911 $20 PCGS MS65+

    Next Bid: $15,500.00
    Closes: 5D 45M

    The 1911 is a better P-mint, especially in high grades. This beautiful, high-end gem displays vibrant frosty luster across the yellow-gold surfaces. Boldly struck with excellent eye appeal!

    Gorgeous Gem!

    1911-S $20 PCGS MS66

    Next Bid: $14,750.00
    Closes: 5D 45M

    Stunning, superb gem example of this slightly better date from a mintage of 775,750 coins. Frosty, cartwheel luster radiates from both sides of this honey-gold example. Well-struck with incredible eye appeal!