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    Gorgeous Luster!

    1907 High Relief $20 PCGS MS64 (Flat Edge)

    Next Bid: $32,000.00
    Closes: 4D 12H

    The 1907 high relief Saint Gaudens is truly one of America's most popular coins of all time. Gorgeously lustrous with beautiful yellow-gold fields. Absolutely pristine for the grade. The Flat Rim is also the scarcer of the two varieties, allowing for hidden value potential when offered. This choice example displays bright mint luster and vivid color with no mentionable contact marks present on either side. The design elements are fully rendered allowing for full appreciation of Augustus Saint-Gaudens gorgeous design. Overall an exceptional piece for the advanced collector!

    Low Mintage Saint Gaudens

    1908-S $20 PCGS/CAC AU58


    The 1908-S Saint is our favorite date for value as collectors covet the date for being the lowest mintage in the ENTIRE series. Just 22,000 pieces were struck and finding any example is extremely difficult. Vibrant mint luster and just the slightest evidence of wear. The eye appeal is fantastic!

    Tough Gem!

    1922 $20 PCGS MS66

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    Next Bid: $33,500.00
    Closes: 4D 12H

    The date of 1922 is a curious year. It's common, thanks to the mintage of 1.375 million, however it is not a date that preserved well. In fact, in gem grades (MS65) it rises in price, but in MS66, it becomes incredibly elusive. In fact, only 11 pieces are graded by PCGS as MS66 with only a single MS66+ graded higher. A tough date for the Saint collector, this piece is smooth with nice luster and the few marks in the field that you would expect for the grade.

    Scarce Date

    1922-S $20 PCGS MS64+ ex: D.L. Hansen

    Next Bid: $9,750.00
    Closes: 4D 12H

    One of our favorite Saint Gaudens dates! Despite it's high mintage very few 1922-S survivors exist, especially in high grades. Boldly struck, this example boasts strong details. Rich, medium-golden coloration and ample luster. The primary set of Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles in the Hansen Collection boasts a MS66+ example.