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    Low Mintage!

    1824/1 $2 1/2 PCGS AU58 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Pleasing, nearly uncirculated example from a low mintage of just 2,600 pieces struck, where a mere 50-60 likely remain. Plenty of luster beneath beautiful medium golden patina. The strike is strong throughout with light, even wear present along the high points. Great eye appeal! One of the finest known examples for the date, a MS64, is held in the Hansen Collection number one set.

    Rare Early Gold

    1830 $2 1/2 PCGS MS63 ex: D.L. Hansen


    From a tiny mintage of only 4,540 coins, this early quarter eagle is rare and desirable in any grade, but especially so select Mint State. Bright lemon-gold color adorns both sides of this frosty example. Distraction free surfaces display a distinct trace of reflectivity in the fields helping to highlight the well-struck design elements. A beautiful, eye appealing example sure to please even the most discerning collector. The primary set holds a MS63 example for the date.

    Rare Capped Bust Type Quarter Eagle

    1831 $2 1/2 PCGS MS62 ex: D.L. Hansen


    A rare type coin from the 1829-1834 capped bust series. All of the issues in this short-lived series are rare, only 4,520 coins struck of the date and a total of just 25,000 coins struck for the type! Wonderfully preserved surfaces display a finish that blends satin and semi-prooflike qualities. Ideal sunny golden color shines evenly throughout the sharply struck surfaces of this fully uncirculated piece. The primary set holds an amazing MS 66+ example for the date and type.