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    Rare Branch Mint Issue

    1840-D $2 1/2 PCGS AU50

    Next Bid: $10,750.00
    Closes: 7D 4H

    A rare issue from the popular Dahlonega mint, only 3,532 pieces were produced. Lovely deep orange colors with nice remaining luster, this piece is difficult to locate in all grades and a finer example hasn't been auctioned in over 5 years!

    Popular Dahlonega Issue

    1841-D $2 1/2 NGC AU55

    Next Bid: $9,850.00
    Closes: 7D 4H

    A scarce date from the North Georgia mint, only 4,164 pieces were produced. Uncirculated examples are nearly impossible to locate due to the crude production methods and the lack of emphasis on preservation of these pieces. A lustrous AU example, the eye appeal is quite nice on this piece.

    Scarce Dahlonega Gold Issue

    1844-D $2.5 PCGS AU58


    Scarce Dahlonega mint issue from an original mintage of only 17,332 coins. This piece offers a virtually complete ring of luster along the edges of the field and near the rim on the obverse and reverse with additional patches of luster in and around the eagle on the reverse.

    Old Green Label Holder

    1848 CAL. $2.5 PCGS AU50 (OGH)


    An evenly worn, but still highly collectible example of this famous gold coin -- generally called the first of the California Gold pieces. This problem-free example is evenly worn and displays plenty of luster throughout the entire coin.. On January 24, 1848, James Wilson Marshall noticed some small flakes of yellow metal near the Sutter's Mill project outside Coloma, California. Marshall's discovery turned out to be gold, touching off one of the largest voluntary migration of humans the world has ever known -- the California Gold Rush. In December 1848, the Military Governor of California, Col. R.B. Mason, sent 228 ounces of newly mined gold to the Secretary of War, William L. Marcy. Marcy forwarded the gold to the Philadelphia Mint, with instructions to use the gold for Congressional Medals for Generals Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott. Any leftover gold was to be turned into specially marked Quarter Eagles. 1,389 1848-dated Quarter Eagles were struck from the California gold shipment, each one stamped with a small CAL. in the upper reverse field. The stamping appears to have been done while the coins were still in the press, as none of the obverse features appear to have been flattened.

    Scarce Low Mintage Dahlonega Gold

    1848-D $2 1/2 NGC AU55

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $3,500.00
    Closes: 7D 4H

    Choice AU! Caramel-gold fields glow with ample luster when turned in the light. Bold detail remains with no individually significant abrasions. A scarce and desirable low mintage Dahlonega Mint issue quarter eagle in which only 13,771 coins were struck of this issue.