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    Affordable Early Half Cent Issue

    1811 1/2c PCGS XF Details (Environmental Damage)


    The 1811-dated Half Cents are likely far rarer than mintage numbers conclude. As most were made earlier in the year, they most likely held a date of a previous issue. As a result, it is estimated that as few as 25,000-30,000 pieces were produced, making it a very difficult date to obtain in all grades. This is the most affordable example that we have handled and while it is indeed a subject of environmental issues, the details are quite nice and it's a perfect piece for the "affordable" set.

    Tough Date!

    1825 1/2c NGC AU55

    Next Bid: $700.00
    Closes: 4D 20H

    Low mintage of only 63,000 pieces. This was a workhorse coin of the time, and very few survived in AU to MS grades. A nicely lustrous piece that appears to be conservatively graded.