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    Lovely and Original

    1800 H10c PCGS/CAC MS62 (LIBEKTY) ex: D.L. Hansen


    Perfectly original example of this scarce and desirable early half dime with the draped bust obverse and heraldic (large) eagle reverse. A flaw in the R of LIBERTY resulted in the word LIBEKTY. Nicely defined details with attractive lilac and peach toning on each side. The striking details are sharp, except on the eagle's breast. CAC approved for quality. The Hansen Collection number one set displays a MS64 example for the date.

    Scarce Issue

    1801 H10c PCGS AU55 ex: Hansen Collection


    A better date in the scarce and desirable early half dime series with the draped bust obverse and heraldic (large) eagle reverse. This charming AU saw wonderful preservation. Gold-grey central devices are framed by beautiful blue, rose, and deep violet toning. Nice luster and bold detail remains, the eye appeal is excellent for the grade level!

    Gorgeous Toning

    1829 H10c NGC MS66

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    Stunning, superb gem example of this first year of issue in the capped bust half dime series. Rich aqua, violet, and rose-gold tones span the sharply struck surfaces on both the obverse and reverse. Great eye appeal!

    Colorful Toning

    1830 H10c PCGS MS64+ ex: D.L. Hansen


    Lustrous, near-gem surfaces display an overlay of attractive violet and blue toning. Popular type coin from the capped bust half dime series. PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade. The number one set holds a MS66+ example for the date.

    Only 1 Finer!

    1836 H10c PCGS MS66 (3/Inverted 3, FS-301) ex: Pogue

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    PCGS #38729. LM-3 is a plentiful variety however the 1836 Capped Bust half dime as a date is a major condition rarity in MS66 or better! The remnants of the inverted 3 are visible in the open loop of the primary 3 in the date. Lovely luster shines through rich patina of olive-gold tints with deeper touches of charcoal on the reverse.


    1837 H10c NGC Proof 65 (No Stars)


    This popular rarity displays pristine proof surfaces along with gorgeous blue-green toning to make for premium eye appeal. This issue comes from an incredibly low original mintage of only 20 coins struck, in which just two other examples were graded finer by NGC.