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    Rare Two Year Type

    1796 50c PCGS F12 (15 Stars) ex: Hansen Collection


    The Draped Bust, Small Eagle half dollars of 1796 and 1797 have long been considered rarities of the U.S. half dollar series, joined together by both their low, combined mintage of 3,918 pieces, as well as by their status as a two-year design type. Mint records note that all of the coins dated 1796 were struck and delivered in 1797. Beyond that, actual mintages for the different issues are just educated guesses. Approximately half of the mintage was dated 1796, and the other half 1797. A tough coin to locate in any state, this piece is bested by a VF30 that resides in the primary collection of Hansen coins.

    Key Early Bust

    1797 50c PCGS/CAC F15


    CAC approved for quality with superb original surfaces and excellent strike. Pinkish grey fields with lighter grey devices and inscriptions give this a pleasing overall look and outstanding eye appeal. CAC approved for quality.

    Scarce Issue

    1807 50c PCGS AU58 (Capped, 50/20)


    Scarce, first year of Capped Bust design. This particular variety has always been fascinating as the engraver began to enter the denomination as a quarter and discovered his mistake a bit too late and attempted to correct it. A neat piece of history on this popular issue.