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    Lot of Mint State Kennedy Half Dollars NGC (20 Coins)

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    Included: 1964 50c NGC MS64, 1964-D 50c MS65, 1965 50c MS65, 1965 SMS 50c MS66, 1966 50c MS65, 1966 SMS 50c MS66, 1967 SMS 50c MS66, 1967 SMS 50c MS67, 1970-D 50c MS64, 1970-D 50c MS65, 1985-P 50c MS67, 1985-D 50c MS67, 1989-P 50c MS67, 1990-P 50c MS66, 1990-D 50c MS66, 1991-D 50c MS66, 1996-P 50c MS67, 1996-D 50c MS67, 2000-D 50c MS67, 2017-S 50c SP70 (Enhanced Finish).