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    Album Toned Original

    1796 25c NGC VF20


    The 1796 quarter is a one-year type coin that is highly sought by collectors as a first year issue of all quarter dollars. The present example has attractive, rainbow album toning stretching out from the rims. Lovely!

    Key Date Early Draped Bust Quarter

    1804 25c PCGS Good-04


    Extremely popular due to its major-rarity silver dollar cousin and to the fact that the 1804 quarter is quite scarce. Only 6,738 coins were struck and very few survive in sound condition. It's much scarcer than the 1796 quarter as few were saved. The present example is a handsome specimen with even wear and the outline of all major design elements still present. Uniform golden-grey color spans both sides. Overall an attractive and great example for the grade!

    Beautiful Toning

    1805 25c PCGS/CAC MS63 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Exceptional example! Satiny silver centers yield outwardly to deep purple rim toning. Rainbow bands apparent on the obverse to the left of liberty and show boldly on the reverse peripheral. Lovely eye appeal and strong details for the grade. CAC approved for quality. The Hansen Collection number one set holds a MS64+ example for the date.

    1818 25c NGC XF40


    This circulated piece still boasts a fair amount of luster. Surfaces are well-struck and graced with a lovely grey-gold coat.

    Scarce, Low Mintage Bust Quarter

    1824/2 25c PCGS XF40


    An extremely scarce and desirable large-size Bust quarter issue. From a low mintage of 24,000 very few survive, especially with such natural beauty as this example. Natural toning that flashes with iridescent colors in direct light. Never altered or cleaned, which is a rarity in this highly used and abused series.