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    Key Date Early Draped Bust Quarter

    1804 25c PCGS/CAC AG-03


    Extremely popular due to its major-rarity silver dollar cousin and to the fact that the 1804 quarter is quite scarce. Only 6,738 coins were struck and very few survive in sound condition. It's much scarcer than the 1796 quarter as few were saved. This original survivor retains solid detail considering the grade and deep olive coloration.

    Beautiful Early Quarter

    1805 25c PCGS MS63 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Elusive mint state example of this early Draped Bust quarter. Satiny surfaces adorned in creamy golden-grey patina. The central devices are boldly detailed with slight weakness to the left stars and the E in LIBERTY, as is common of the issue. Multiple die cracks are evident but otherwise there are no mentionable distractions to take away from the stunning eye appeal. The number one set hosts a MS64+ example for the date.

    Beautiful Toning

    1805 25c PCGS/CAC MS63 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Exceptional example! Satiny silver centers yield outwardly to deep purple rim toning. Rainbow bands apparent on the obverse to the left of liberty and show boldly on the reverse peripheral. Lovely eye appeal and strong details for the grade. CAC approved for quality. The Hansen Collection number one set holds a MS64+ example for the date.

    Beautifully Original

    1820 25c PCGS/CAC MS65+ (Large 0)

    Coins We Love

    Beautiful rose and orange highlights with fantastic luster. A sliver of blue peaks through the rim tints with outstanding overall eye appeal. Only 4 pieces are graded finer by both services combined for the date and variety, though it would be challenging to find a more attractive example! CAC approved for quality. PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade.

    Scarce Variety

    1828 25c PCGS AU58 (25/50c)


    An absolutely blast white slider example of this famous denomination blunder. A famous engraving error, the die-sinker carelessly entered the denomination as 50C. The offending digits were partially effaced, but as 25 was entered, the 5 was punched in much too low, then corrected. Thus, the 2 is over a 5, and the 5 is over a 5 over a 0. This is one of the flashiest examples of the error that we've seen and a lovely coin to boot!

    Amazing Gem!

    1831 25c PCGS/CAC MS66 (Small Letters)


    Fresh from a collection that was put together in the early 1900s but was only recently graded, this coin is a superb gem that deserves even more bells and whistles! Stunningly original and well-preserved this coin is destined for a fantastic numismatic cabinet. CAC approved for quality.