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    Lovely Gem!

    1893 25c PCGS MS66 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Original, and nearly unabraded dove-grey surfaces gleam with satiny luster. Mottled rainbow tints can been seen in the fields, especially prominent on the reverse. The design elements show sharp definition. Nice! The primary set contains a MS66+ example for the date.

    Tied for Finest Known

    1895 25c PCGS MS67+


    This eye catching superb gem is tied for finest known at either service with just two other examples! Satiny luster shines through gorgeous patina of blended gold, blue, and violet toning. The strike is razor sharp throughout and the eye appeal is outstanding!

    Famous Key Date

    1896-S 25c PCGS XF45 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Lovely XF example of this classic key date Barber quarter. One of the 'big 3' keys along with the 1901-S and 1913-S. Virtually untoned with plenty of remaining luster and substantial high point detail. A choice example for the collector! The Hansen Collection is home to one of the three finest known examples for the date, a MS66.

    Beautiful Toned Gem

    1899-O 25c PCGS MS65

    Vault Value
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    Rich rainbow toning graces both sides of this beautifully preserved gem! Very scarce as most of these were exported to the Philippines at the time of issue and few survive in mint state.

    Beautiful Gem!

    1899-S 25c PCGS/CAC MS66 ex: Pogue


    Gorgeous premium Gem surfaces are vividly toned over lively satin luster. The obverse is splashed with iridescent powder blue, reddish-apricot and silver-olive, most vivid at the periphery. The central reverse is close to brilliant, framed in mottled peripheral iridescence in pale olive, blue and reddish-gold. The pristine-looking surfaces support a full strike. Only 708,000 1899-S quarters were struck, and like most San Francisco Mint issues before it in the Barber series, the date circulated heavily in the bustling West Coast economy of the time. That Gems of most of these early date S-Mint Barber quarter issues exist is more a matter of chance than of intention.