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    Gorgeous Cameo Gem

    1893 25c NGC Proof 66 CAM


    Stunning superb gem from a low mintage of just 792 coins struck in proof format. Untoned, satiny devices are fully defined and standout starkly against liquid-like mirrors. Beautifully untoned with just a touch of golden iridescent along the rims adding to the already incredible eye appeal.

    Low Mintage Proof

    1897 25c NGC Proof 66


    Fantastic gem example of this low mintage proof issue, one of just 731 coins. Rich lavender-grey and dusky rose tints overlay bright, full struck mirrors on both sides. Never dipped or altered. A wholesome original.

    Gorgeous Cameo Gem

    1901 25c NGC Proof 65 CAM


    Stunning cameo gem from a low mintage of only 813 coins struck in proof format. This piece exhibits sharply detailed, frosty design elements that contrast boldly with the deeply reflective fields. Golden toning throughout with deep russet touches along the edges make for incredible eye appeal.

    Low Mintage Proof

    1907 25c PCGS/CAC Proof 68 ex: D.L. Hansen


    With intense and complex toning throughout the obverse, that seems to have almost "bled over" to the cameo reverse, this important date is truly magnificent to behold. CAC approved as high-end for the grade, and what a grade that is as a 68! One of the lowest mintage proof issues in the Barber quarter set. Just 575 examples struck in this format.

    Colorful Tints, Low Mintage Proof

    1913 25c PCGS/CAC Proof 66+


    Low mintage proof issue of just 613 coins. A high-end gem with impeccable details, boldly reflective mirrors, and original touches of neon toning on the obverse while the reverse is overlaid in beautiful olive-gold and subtle teal tints. A hefty amount of cameo effect remains on the obverse portrait. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.