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    Flashy, Rare Proof!

    1845 25c PCGS Proof 63 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Amazing specimen! Boldly struck devices contrast noticeably against flashy mirrors. From a very limited mintage of just 10 pieces, this piece is certainly for those that prefer a limited mintage and is purely ireeplaceable. The Hansen Collection holds another example of the same grade for the date.

    Amazing Rainbow Toning

    1870 25c NGC Proof 67

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    Beautifully preserved, premium gem from a low mintage proof issue of just 1,000 coins. Vivid bands of rainbow toning grace the obverse peripheral while electric tints of blue, violet, and orange span the fields of the reverse. Deep golden toned devices show razor sharp definition. Outstanding technical quality and eye appeal!

    Gorgeous Toning!

    1888 25c NGC Proof 66+ CAM


    Stunning tones of blue-green, indigo, and violet present in bands framing the brilliant central devices of both sides of this superb gem proof. Great eye appeal! NGC+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade.

    Beautiful, Original Gem

    1889 25c PCGS Proof 67+


    A low-mintage proof issue of just 711 coins, this PCGS+ grade piece showcases a frosty Miss Liberty seated in a field of wine hues that verge on dusty pink. Heavier violets and a touch of blue and green kiss the numerals of the date. Wines and russets dance in a unique pattern across the shield and eagle, bursting into pinks and blues closer to the periphery. Presently this is the only example PCGS has graded at this level, with just 2 grading higher. PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade.


    1889 25c PCGS/CAC Proof 65 CAM ex: D.L. Hansen


    Original golden toning spreads from the frosty central devices outward across the deep mirrors becoming a rich russet tone along the peripherals. Beautiful contrast and terrific eye appeal! Low mintage proof issue of just 711 coins. CAC approved for quality. The Hansen Collection is home to a PR68 example for the date.