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    Lovely AU

    1797 $1 PCGS AU55 (9x7 Stars, Large Letters) ex: D.L. Hansen


    Splendid silver mint luster gleams over the surfaces of this impressively preserved, choice AU example. Well defined design elements are highlighted by tints of lavender, peach, and gold. The original lot description at Stacks Bowers notes, "A flaw in the planchet obscures much of the T in LIBERTY, though the surfaces are lacking in notable post-Mint blemishes. The dies are heavily fatigued in this state, with dramatic cracks and evidence of clashing visible on each side." The Hansen Collection possess the finest known example for the date, a MS64.

    Scarce Variety

    1799 $1 PCGS VF35 (Irregular Date, 15 Stars) ex: D.L. Hansen

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    PCGS #40062. A scarce and popular variety, with 15 field stars on the reverse in error, then clouds 1 and 8 enlarged to hide the engraving error. A pleasing, essentially untoned example save for touches of gold scattered along the rims. Evenly worn with only light, grade defining abrasions none of which distract from the charming eye appeal.