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    Gorgeous Cameo

    1881 $1 PCGS Proof 67 CAM ex: D.L. Hansen


    Challenging cameo example from a mintage of only 984 proofs struck of this issue. Virtually flawless, fully mirrored fields and sharp, frosted devices are adorned in a lovely champagne patina adding to the already exceptional eye appeal. The finest example graded, a Proof 68 Cameo resides in the primary collection of D.L. Hansen.

    Wonderful Cameo Morgan

    1882 $1 PCGS Proof 64 CAM

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    Beautifully contrasted example from a mintage of 1,100 coins struck in proof format. Bright mirrors feature patches of lavender and golden toning and provide sharp contrast against lightly frosted devices. The eye appeal is wonderful!

    Beautiful Toning

    1883 $1 PCGS Proof 67 ex: D.L. Hansen


    Magnificent gem proof example from this final year for which the Philadelphia Mint struck Morgan dollar proofs. Fully struck design elements and flawless mirrors are coated in gorgeous patina of blended rose, blue-green, and lavender toning. Spectacular eye appeal! A 67 cameo example resides in the primary collection.

    Colorful Target Toning

    1892 $1 PCGS/CAC Proof 67


    Stunning premium gem from a mintage of 1,245 coins struck in proof format. Fantastic eye appeal and breath-taking color! A beautiful target of rainbow toning in teal, green, and wine tones graces the obverse, with similar tones blended over the reverse mirrors.