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    Beautiful Gem

    1876 Trade$ PCGS MS66 (OGH)


    Beautiful and original gem. Sharply embossed reliefs and impeccably preserved surfaces that feature lovely blended tones of pale blue, gold, pink, and sea-green. Wonderful eye appeal! Only a single piece graded finer by PCGS.

    Tough Carson City Issue

    1876-CC Trade$ PCGS MS61 ex: D.L. Hansen


    In MS grades, this issue is the rarest of all trade dollars including the famous 1878-CC. This piece boasts smooth surfaces touched with a light honey-gold tint throughout and stunning details thanks to a bold strike. Cartwheel luster radiates illuminating the lightly toned surfaces. The primary Hansen set holds a MS63 example of this date.


    1877-CC Trade$ PCGS MS64


    The 1877-CC Trade Dollar had a healthy striking of 534,000 coins, but the date is very scarce and underappreciated due to the number of pieces that were melted shortly thereafter and in China where they were used for trade. Bright and beautifully untoned, PCGS has graded only three examples finer than this choice specimen!