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    Popular Civil War Rarity

    1861 CSA 50c PCGS MS62 (Scott Restrike)


    A beautiful high grade example of this wildly popular Confederate States restrike half dollar token. 500 of these were struck around 1879 using the original dies from the original CSA half dollars (struck on the reverse side of a Seated half dollar). The other sides of the token features a custom design by JW Scott who created who was responsible for all of the 1879 CSA restrikes (including penny, half dollar). Over the years, these have become increasingly popular and sought-after from collectors who specialize in coinage of the Confederacy and Civil War History. CAC approved for quality.

    Lovely Assay $10

    1853 U.S Assay $10 PCGS AU55 (900 THOUS)


    Beautifully preserved and nicely struck .900 fineness ten dollar piece. Pleasing green-gold coloration touches the recesses, with bright medium-gold accents around the raised devices. Scattered light abrasions are seen throughout as is typical of Territorial gold pieces. Overall the eye appeal is quite strong!

    Popular California Territorial Gold Issue

    1854 Kellogg & Co. $20 PCGS/CAC AU58+


    Stunning slider! A particularly historic issue as these were struck to fill the shortages of supply in the California Gold Rush territory as the San Francisco mint was not able to meet the demand of the large influx of people. While slugs aren't necessarily considered rare, to find an accurately graded piece with original surfaces is close to impossible and this fantastic piece is certainly deserving of the coveted CAC seal of approval and PCGS plus designation. Warm medium-gold coloration spans both sides with hints of rose toning adding to the already wonderful visual appeal.  

    Popular Shipwreck Restrike

    S.S. Central America: 1855 Kellogg Restrike $50 PCGS Gem Proof


    These 2.5 ounce gold coins were produced in commemoration of the S.S. Central America's voyage and unfortunate end in 1857. The California Historical Society went through great lengths to closely replicate the original Kellogg $50 proofs by creating dies transferred from the originals, using gold from Kellogg and Co. ingots found in the shipwreck, and striking them with a press from the San Francisco mint. An original Kellogg $50 in gem condition is incredible rare. However, the uncirculated examples of the restrike are extremely scarce as a number disappeared with the original founder of the ship when he allegedly ran away from legal debts.