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    First U.S. Silver Coin

    1792 H10c PCGS F15 (J-7, OGH)


    The 1792 Half Disme holds a very special place in numismatics. Though many consider it to be a pattern coin, most were circulated. The story behind the coin is that the silver for the minting of these coins was donated from Martha Washington's personal silver setting! In 1792, Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State at the time, took personal delivery of all 1,500 coins minted. It is believed that only around 400 pieces survive to this date. The present coin retains a light silver-gray color and displays a few relatively heavy hits, primarily on the obverse. Housed in a PCGS old green label holder adding to its already off the charts desirability.

    Scarce Issue

    1801 H10c PCGS AU55 ex: Hansen Collection


    A better date in the scarce and desirable early half dime series with the draped bust obverse and heraldic (large) eagle reverse. This charming AU saw wonderful preservation. Gold-grey central devices are framed by beautiful blue, rose, and deep violet toning. Nice luster and bold detail remains, the eye appeal is excellent for the grade level!

    Tough Date

    1840-O H10c PCGS AU58 (No Drapery)


    Heavily clashed dies created a muddy strike, as is the case with many of this date/mint, but the coin itself is virtually uncirculated. Full mint luster! A tough date with a mintage of 695,000, and a much lower survival rate. Only 19 finer at PCGS according to CoinFacts.

    Rare, Underrated Date

    1853-O H10c NGC/CAC AU58 (No Arrows)


    The 1853-O No Arrows half dime had a small mintage of 160,000 pieces, compared to more than 2 million coins for the With Arrows variety. The majority of this tiny mintage is believed to have been melted leaving this issue scarce across all grades. Between both grading services only nine examples have been graded finer than this superb AU specimen. Nice luster remains beneath a rich patina of mottled pleasing gold and russet tones. Boldly defined and free of distraction, the overall eye appeal is great!

    Registry Quality Type Coin

    1853 H10c PCGS MS67 (Arrows) ex: D.L. Hansen


    The first year to boast the arrows signifying a change in weight. This conditionally rare piece boasts delicate teal and rose toning on both sides and brilliant details throughout. The eye appeal of this lustrous, original coin is outstanding. Only 5 are graded finer by PCGS than this present example - All of which are MS67+. Great arrows type coin.