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    Rare Half Cent, Doily Holder

    1793 1/2c PCGS XF45 (OGH Doily Holder)

    Next Bid: $20,575.00
    Closes: 11D 40M

    A rare coin in an even rarer holder! One of the very first coins struck at the US mint. Famous as a one-year type coin the 1793 half cent is highly desirable and sought out by serious collectors and investors. The present example is remarkably sharp for the grade with above-average surfaces and an attractive chocolate coloration. A beautifully designed piece that presents a wonderful opportunity to obtain a great 18th century treasure. Housed in a rare PCGS doily holder.

    Wonderful Early Type Coin

    1794 Lg. Edge Letters 1/2c PCGS/CAC AU58 (C-1a) ex: Widok Collection

    Next Bid: $14,700.00
    Closes: 11D 40M

    A perfect example for the 18th Century type set or early half cent connoisseur! Glossy medium-brown surfaces reveal pleasing olive-gold undertones and are touched with deeper patches of charcoal toning on the obverse. Nicely denticulated with negligible friction over the highpoints, the overall look certainly teases at Mint State status. An example of the C-1 die marriage, one of the more plentiful 1794 varieties, easily identified by the high bust position.

    Choice Early Half Cent

    1795 LE, Punctuated Date 1/2c PCGS AU58+ (C-2a) ex: Davy Collection

    Next Bid: $17,800.00
    Closes: 11D 41M

    A lovely and choice AU example of this difficult capped bust half cent. Uniform satiny luster coats the milk chocolate tinted surfaces with patches of deeper charcoal toning scattered throughout. Sharp details and smooth surfaces approach Mint State with the "punctuation" between the first two digits of the date quite bold. Overall a fantastic specimen for the advanced early copper collector!

    Rare Early Half Cent

    1796 1/2c PCGS VG-10 (No Pole) ex: D.L. Hansen


    An exceptionally detailed example of this early mint rarity! Steely deep brown surfaces are highlighted by touches of olive patina and feature a heavy die crack extending from the rim at 2:30 into Liberty's portrait between the nose and mouth and continuing into the hair below and behind the ear. A second crack is noted from approximately 9:00 on the left border extends into the back of Liberty's hair just below the cap. Over all an attractive specimen considering the grade, this will be a prize for the early copper enthusiast!

    Elusive Half Cent

    1802/0 1/2c PCGS F15 (Rev. 1802) ex: D.L. Hansen

    Next Bid: $5,000.00
    Closes: 11D 42M

    The 1802 half cent is a challenging date and the key issue in the Draped Bust series. The Reverse of 1800 is so rare as to be almost prohibitive with just a handful known, making the reverse of 1802 the primary collectible variety. The present coin has a even dark chocolate color throughout and nice eye appeal for the grade with no abrasions worthy of individual note.