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    Tied for Finest Known!

    1912-D 1c PCGS MS66+ RD


    A tough date in the Lincoln series and especially scarce in gem grades and higher. This brilliant red D-mint is a gorgeous example tied for finest known example at PCGS with just six other pieces. PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade.

    Civil War Date

    1862 3cS PCGS MS66


    Bold definition and lustrous surfaces that feature deep rainbow tones on the obverse and silky silver centers surrounded by bands of toning on the reverse. From a lower mintage issue of 343,000 coins struck.

    Scarce Proof Only Issue

    1873 3cS PCGS Proof 65


    Stunning gem example of this very scarce proof only issue -- only 600 minted. The key to the type 3 proof 3-cent silver set. The design elements are sharply embosses throughout. The obverse features blue-green centers sounded by deep burnt orange and gold tints, while the obverse displays a target of toning in shades of teal, pink, and pale gold. Fantastic eye appeal!