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    Fascinating Issue!

    1776 Continental Dollar $1 PCGS/CAC XF40 (CURENCY, Pewter)


    An intriguing issue as the origin of these coins is not clear, it has long been considered a "Colonial" coin and possibly American's first dollar. New research has likely uncovered that the coin was actually struck in Germany as a commemorative token. This original XF example boasts pleasing gunmetal gray and olive color with nice remaining luster, especially around the date. Whatever its origins, this is still an absolutely choice example, a wonderful piece of history and a tangible reminder of the struggle that ensued against the British leading up to the formation of a proud nation, the United States of America.

    Stunning Gem Proof

    1847 1/2c NGC/CAC Proof 65 BN (Restrike)


    Impossibly low mintage of just 27 pieces in total. Reflective fields throughout as the obverse displays beautiful rose-red and yellow green hues when flashed in direct lighting. The reverse features neon violet and pink colors when rotated, yet remains a rich mahogany brown when viewed straight on. NGC pop 4, PCGS pop 3, with a CAC population of 3 in this grade.

    Beautiful Gem Large Cent

    1841 1c NGC/CAC MS65 BN

    Vault Value
    Next Bid: $4,000.00
    Closes: 9D 23H

    Incredibly smooth surfaces are sharply struck and richly toned in chocolate-brown with hints of original mint red peeking through on the reverse. The eye appeal is fantastic! Early 40's date Large Cents are exceedingly tough in gem grades, especially with CAC approval.

    Beautiful, Rare Proof Large Cent

    1849 1c PCGS/CAC Proof 65 RB (N-18) ex: Dan Holmes


    PCGS #400589. Rare Proof Large Cent from a mintage of just 20 pieces! A stunning gem example of the Newcomb 18 variety, the usual early die state for this proof-only die marriage. Fully detailed mirrors shine deeply with especially nice reflectivity on the obverse. Delicate olive-brown and blue-steel toning gives way to vivid original mint orange color splashed on both sides and highlighting the design elements. The eye appeal is exceptional, an exciting offering for the advanced collector!