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    Perfect Color

    1794 1/2c NGC/CAC XF45

    Next Bid: $9,000.00
    Closes: 8D 11H

    Smooth, milk chocolate color, and very nice retained luster make this piece truly incredible to behold. So often these come to the market with dark, borderline environmental damage. But not this beauty! CAC approved for eye appeal and quality.

    Outstanding Early Proof Large Cent

    1848 1c PCGS/CAC Proof 64+ BN ex: D.L. Hansen

    Next Bid: $12,160.00
    Closes: 1D 11H

    While certainly "brown," this early proof large cent is still dynamic in every way. The obverse displays good reflectivity and hints of pinks and blues in the fields when held in direct lighting. While the reverse still shows small amounts of original mint red tightly up against th elettering and design elements. CAC approved and a PCGS Plus grade to boot!