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    Rare Early American Type

    1783 Chalmers 3 Pence PCGS/CAC AU50 ex: Newman


    Annapolis silversmith John Chalmers issued silver threepence, sixpence, and shillings dated 1793 to reduce the amount of clipped and worn-out Spanish-American silver in circulation. This original AU displays lovely pewter-gray fields with fantastic blue and russet undertones. Though slightly off center, the legends are complete, and the overall eye appeal is captivating! An exciting opportunity for early American type collectors as the threepence is rarer than the Long and Short Worm shillings.

    Near Mint State Beauty

    1797 1/2c PCGS AU58+ BN (C-1) ex: D.L. Hansen


    A near-mint state example of this early half cent issue. Beautiful copper-brown surfaces shimmer and no distracting marks are visible. A bold "1" can be seen over the 1 in the date. Great details in the hair show little sign of wear. A slight weak strike can be seen on the "Y" in Liberty on the obverse and on the reverse over America.

    Affordable Early Half Cent Issue

    1811 1/2c PCGS XF Details (Environmental Damage)


    The 1811-dated Half Cents are likely far rarer than mintage numbers conclude. As most were made earlier in the year, they most likely held a date of a previous issue. As a result, it is estimated that as few as 25,000-30,000 pieces were produced, making it a very difficult date to obtain in all grades. This is the most affordable example that we have handled and while it is indeed a subject of environmental issues, the details are quite nice and it's a perfect piece for the "affordable" set.

    Amazing Gem Half Cent

    1854 1/2c PCGS MS66 RB

    Coins We Love

    This beautifully preserved gem boasts exceedingly sharp details and plenty of original mint red-orange color. The rich red color is especially vibrant on the reverse and is featured along the rims of the obverse while the central devices display a steely blue patina. Only a single red-brown example has been graded finer! CWL Special $8,000 - Normally $8,750