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    Rare Repunched Mintmark Variety

    1848-D/D $5 PCGS AU50 (RPM FS-501)


    PCGS #511598. Dahlonega repunched mint marks are rare, the only other half eagle date is the more common 1846-D over D. NGC has attributed only one 1848-D/D and 142 1846-D/D, where PCGS has attributed two 1848-D/D and 1846-D/D. The original D mintmark was punched too low and to the left. It was mostly effaced, and a new mintmark was placed higher and to the right though the remnants of the original mint mark are still visible on the present example. Pretty reddish-gold color and solid details adorn the glowing surfaces. 


    1862 $1 NGC AU58

    Next Bid: $6,800.00
    Closes: 10D 18H

    Tough Civil War era Seated Dollar in choice AU condition! Sharp details remain and considerable luster shine from the beautifully untoned surfaces.

    Lovely Assay $10

    1853 U.S Assay $10 PCGS AU55 (900 THOUS)

    Next Bid: $17,000.00
    Closes: 3D 19H

    Beautifully preserved and nicely struck .900 fineness ten dollar piece. Pleasing green-gold coloration touches the recesses, with bright medium-gold accents around the raised devices. Scattered light abrasions are seen throughout as is typical of Territorial gold pieces. Overall the eye appeal is quite strong!

    Scarce First Year Proof

    1865 3cN NGC Proof 67

    Next Bid: $7,350.00
    Closes: 3D 17H

    Eye appealing premium gem example! One of just 500 coins struck in proof this year. Impeccably preserved mirrors are gently tint pale gold and the design elements standout in razor sharp detail creating great eye appeal.

    Scarce Issue

    1871 $10 PCGS AU50

    Next Bid: $5,525.00
    Closes: 3D 19H

    A scarce issue from a mintage of 1,790, only a single Mint State example is known! Evenly circulated surfaces feature a rich golden-orange patina blended with semi-prooflike reflectivity typical of the issue.

    Scarce Full Head SLQ

    1919-D 25c PCGS MS64 FH

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    Very scarce Standing Liberty Quarter that is rare with a full head designation. This gorgeous piece shines with bright, satiny luster from both of the sharply impressed sides. 95% white with subtle golden tints concentrated along the peripherals, the eye appeal is outstanding! A perfect piece for the advanced collector, before the price doubles for gem examples.

    Popular O-Mint

    1888-O $10 PCGS MS63

    Next Bid: $7,350.00
    Closes: 3D 19H

    Select example of this popular O-mint with a mintage of 21,335. Only two examples have been graded finer between both services! Satiny surfaces are crisply detailed and offer generous eye appeal for the grade level.

    Scarce O-Mint

    1848-O $10 PCGS AU55

    Next Bid: $8,050.00
    Closes: 3D 19H

    Very scarce, low mintage eagle. Just 35,850 coins struck with only a handful that survive in mint state. Glints of original mint luster and bold detail, despite even highpoints wear, are featured on both sides of this pleasing AU survivor.

    Rare $3 Princess

    1882 $3 PCGS MS62

    Next Bid: $6,200.00
    Closes: 3D 19H

    Rare $3 Princess gold from a mintage of only 1500 struck of this issue. This pleasing specimen boasts superior eye appeal for the grade! Distraction free surfaces are evenly toned a pleasing medium yellow-gold color with considerable prooflike reflectivity throughout.

    Scarce O-Mint

    1857-O $2 1/2 NGC MS60

    Next Bid: $4,750.00
    Closes: 10D 19H

    Very scarce New Orleans mint issue from a mintage of Only 34,000 coins struck. Impressively lustrous and well detailed for the issue, the handsome orange-gold surfaces reveal no mentionable contact marks or distractions. Nice!

    Registry Quality!

    1884-O $1 PCGS MS67+

    Next Bid: $5,225.00
    Closes: 10D 18H

    Silky smooth premium gem example of this popular New Orleans Mint issue. Brilliant, frosty white surfaces are sharply impressed and virtually flawless. Only a single PCGS example has been graded finer!

    Tied for Finest Known

    1857-O 50c PCGS MS64

    Next Bid: $6,650.00
    Closes: 10D 17H

    Gorgeous and rare Mint State survivor! A perfect piece for the advanced registry collector, this beauty is tied for finest known PCGS example. Bright luster illuminates the golden tinted surfaces helping to highlight the sharp striking detail. Subtle violet and blue tints appear along the rims of both sides. Overall the eye appeal is excellent!