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    Rare Uncut Sheet!

    Uncut Sheet: FR. 1317 Frac. Currency Head of Washington. 50c PCGS About New 55 (w/Surcharge, "1863" an "A") ex: Boyd, Ford


    via Stacks Bowers "Twenty impressions configured four vertically by five horizontally. Trimmed selvedge as normally seen. Face plate 46. Back plate 38. Both in normal positions. Listed as Rarity 7 in Milton Friedberg and an important uncut sheet. There is a heavy horizontal fold and two moderate vertical folds. The face is bright with shiny bronze. The margins are very close with the bottom trimmed in. The bright orange backs have the protector shifted over to the left a bit. The corner surcharges are a little blurry. Penciled notation at the back upper left between the top and second from the top positions. Rare and possibly unique."