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World Coins
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    Tough High Denomination Early Philippines Note

    Philippines: 1912 100 Pesos PMG 25 NET (P-11b)


    The early Philippines 100 Pesos notes are among the most sought after pieces of the entire country. There were only 5,000 pieces of this type printed in the United States by the BEP. Garcia-Sendres signatures. To give an idea of the rarity of this piece, PMG has graded 19 examples, with just 2 finer, both VF30 just one point this note. There are no XF, AU, or UNC notes graded.

    Beautiful Large Costa Rican type

    Costa Rica: 1937-42 100 Colones PMG 30 EPQ (P-194a)


    This wonderful note is the highest denomination from the initial issue of the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, which were overprinted on earlier Banco Internacional notes. Dated 1942, this colorful note shows a harvester at left on the obverse and a grand governmental building on the reverse. Graded PMG VF30 Exceptional Paper Quality, it has the look of a solid Extra Fine. Printed by the British firm of Waterlow & Sons, this is an excellent edition to any world currency collection.

    Beautiful French Colonial Note

    French Guiana: 1933-45 25 Francs PMG 35 EPQ (P-7)


    TBB B209d. This design is one of the most recognizable of all French colonial notes. The front of this note features a wreath of tropical flowers draped at the top and the center is dominated by an allegorical maiden wearing a laurel wreath holding an olive branch. Below her is a collection of fruit. The reverse is a detailed jungle river view of an anchored ship. The note was printed by the Bank of France and was designed by Clement Serveau, a very famous painter and designer. This note type ceased to be legal tender in May of 1959, and the note is scarce today. Our offering is graded PMG VF35EPQ, one of just 10 graded by them. French colonial notes are often plagued by pinholes, tears, rust, and other defects because of the delicate paper used, and this note is free of such effects. It was therefore awarded the Exceptional Paper Quality designation.