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Rarity in Full Bands

1916-D 10c PCGS/CAC MS65 FB

Elite Items

One of the most popular 20th century coins, the 1916-D is a very difficult acquisition in gem grades. In fact, this is the first that we've offered in some time. Silky smooth obverse surfaces with fantastic luster, this piece is one of the few that truly deserves the description of "gem". It is the popular and elusive key to the Mercury dime business strike set. CAC approved for quality. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.

Classic Rarity

1796 25c PCGS VF30

Elite Items

The 1796 quarter is a one-year type coin that is highly sought by collectors as a first year issue of all quarter dollars. Pretty gold, lavender, and gray highlights with a quality strike. Light, even wear on the high points with absolutely no issues. A choice VF example that is perfect for the grade.

Key Date Early Draped Bust Quarter

1804 25c PCGS VF20 (OGH)

Elite Items

Extremely popular due to its major-rarity silver dollar cousin and to the fact that the 1804 quarter is quite scarce. Only 6,738 coins were struck and very few survive in sound condition. It's much scarcer than the 1796 quarter as few were saved. Pretty, evenly worn highlights with smooth, choice surfaces. Gorgeous for the grade and housed in an old green label PCGS holder.

Beautiful Early Quarter

1805 25c PCGS/CAC MS63 ex: Col. E.H.R. Green/Newman

Elite Items

Beautiful green, lavender, and orange tones around the rim of the obverse carry over to the reverse with even more vibrancy. A gorgeous example with amazing luster. As is typical, the details are slightly weaker on the hair above the forehead and in the clouds of the reverse, but overall a gorgeous appearance. Previously sold for $41,125 in a NGC/CAC holder and has since crossed into this PCGS display. CAC approved for quality.

Great Early Type Coin

1806 25c PCGS MS64

Elite Items

Great draped bust type coin. A condition census example of the B-3 die variety, it was struck from clashed dies and is rather weakly defined in the central devices, as is typical for the issue. Pretty pink tones highlight the rim with gorgeous, lustrous fields overall. An ideal example for the type coin collector!

Awesome Gem - Colorful Toning

1873 25c PCGS/CAC MS66 (Arrows)

Elite Items

This beautiful gem is the only MS66 to achieve CAC approval for quality and eye appeal. There is one finer (and MS67) and we shudder to think what it would bring on the market ($50,000+). If this coin were in an MS67 holder, you would still love it. Rich rainbow colors on both sides with pristine surfaces. A beauty. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.

Famous Key Date

1909-O $5 NGC/CAC AU58

Elite Items

The 1909-O is by far the lowest mintage coin in the series with only 34,200 struck. It is also quite popular as the only New Orleans issue in the entire set. A great issue that is always sought after. CAC approved for quality.

Americas Most Beautiful Coin

1907 High Relief $20 PCGS/CAC MS63 (Wire Edge)

Elite Items

The High Relief Saint Gaudens is one of the most popular of all US numismatic items. Lovely, original surfaces with flashy luster, this piece is certainly deserving of the CAC seal of approval. The only detractor is a light copper spot on the obverse, that is noticeable on the left of Liberty, but is not distracting from the overall coin. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.