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Scarce Early Half Dime

1797 H10c PCGS XF40 (13 Stars)

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Scarce and desirable early half dime with the draped bust obverse and small eagle reverse. 13 stars surround Liberty on the obverse. The 1797 13-star half dime is an exceedingly difficult issue in any grade designated as R-6 in all grades by Logan-McCloskey. By that token, it is the scarcest of the four different LM varieties of this year.

Awesome Gem - Colorful Toning

1873 25c PCGS/CAC MS66 (Arrows)

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This beautiful gem is the only MS66 to achieve CAC approval for quality and eye appeal. There is one finer (and MS67) and we shudder to think what it would bring on the market ($50,000+). If this coin were in an MS67 holder, you would still love it. Rich rainbow colors on both sides with pristine surfaces. A beauty. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.

Amazing and Beautiful Gem Key Date

1901-S 25c NGC MS67

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We have had the honor and the privilege to place this coin seven times in the history of DLRC and it excites us each time we get to offer it. The grand-daddy of 20th Century silver coinage -- a 1901-S quarter in MS67! Rarity shouldn't exist this nice. Exhibiting splendid luster, a perfect strike and virtually flawless surfaces, this is one of the finest known of the 'king' of Barber quarters. A centerpiece for the finest of collections! Nicer than many of the other MS67 examples that have sold historically and rivals the MS68+ that we placed several years ago. A true treasure and a fantastic coin.

Major Numismatic Rarity

1794 $1 NGC/CAC AU58

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A beautiful choice Almost Uncirculated example of this popular and rare first year dollar issue. As a rarity, the 1794 needs no introduction. With a low original mintage of just 1,758 coins, this piece is desirable in any grade as experts suspect fewer than 100 coins remain. This particular piece is extremely special due to the relative lack of adjustment marks and the overall eye appeal. It's quite unusual to find an example of this date with the coveted CAC sticker and this coin is quite possibly the most wholesome AU 1794 dollar you are ever going to see. Almost all of these have been cleaned or repaired at some point yet still make their way into PCGS and NGC holders. In importance, the 1794 comes in at #20 in the 100 Greatest U.S. Coins book, by Garrett and Guth. It is currently quite notable as the finest known example (PCGS SP66) just sold for over $10+ million in January of last year. CAC approved for quality and eye appeal.

Scarce Date

1901 $1 PCGS MS64

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Wow! This is one of the nicest 1901-P Morgan dollars we've ever offered. A rare date in mint state, this issue is prohibitive rare in gem as PCGS has only graded (3) examples to date above MS64. None have ever made an auction appearance but we expect they would be worth $500,000 and up. This lustrous high end MS64 might achieve MS65 status if it were a more common date but PCGS is very careful with 1901-P's and this coin is very sharp for the grade. White with a hint of gold and very clean of marks. A great coin.

Famous Key Date

1909-O $5 NGC/CAC AU58

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The 1909-O is by far the lowest mintage coin in the series with only 34,200 struck. It is also quite popular as the only New Orleans issue in the entire set. A great issue that is always sought after. CAC approved for quality.