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    Amazing Gem Half Cent

    1854 1/2c PCGS MS66 RB

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    This beautifully preserved gem boasts exceedingly sharp details and plenty of original mint red-orange color. The rich red color is especially vibrant on the reverse and is featured along the rims of the obverse while the central devices display a steely blue patina. Only a single red-brown example has been graded finer!

    Gorgeous Gem Proof

    1911 1c PCGS/CAC Proof 66 RD

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    A low mintage proof issue with only 1,733 pieces produced. Exquisite gem satiny red and copper-orange proof with beautiful magenta tints scattered throughout. Delicately textured with a bold, flashy finish. Fantastic eye appeal!

    Better Date

    1868 2c PCGS MS65+ RD

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    Better date, very scarce as a gem red! Sharp design elements are highlighted by lovely, original red-orange tones. A great, eye appealing example before the price doubles for MS66 examples.

    Pretty Toning

    1900 5c PCGS MS67

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    High-end Liberty nickel type coin! A perfect candidate for a registry set, PCGS has graded only two examples finer. Cartwheel luster radiates from the sharply struck surfaces of this premium gem.

    The Only D-Mint V-Nickel

    1912-D 5c PCGS MS66+

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    Gorgeous superb gem example of this scarce and desirable as the only D-mint V-Nickel. Satiny, sharply struck surfaces feature lovely rainbow tones over both sides. The eye appeal is excellent! Only a single PCGS example has been graded finer!

    Scarce Date

    1925-S 5c PCGS/CAC MS64+

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    Fantastic near-gem example of this scarce date. Lightly frosted and beautifully lustrous with wonderful golden tones on both sides. An excellent example before the price jump for gem pieces.

    Colorfully Toned Gem

    1835 H10c PCGS MS66+ (Large Date, Large 5C)

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    Closes: 2D 1H

    High-end type coin from the capped bust half dime series. Satiny silver surfaces are crisply struck and overlaid in blended rose, blue, and green toning. A great coin for the advanced collector, especially those who value colorful toning, only two PCGS examples have been graded finer!

    Only 1 Finer!

    1836 H10c PCGS MS66 (3/Inverted 3, FS-301) ex: Pogue

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    PCGS #38729. LM-3 is a plentiful variety however the 1836 Capped Bust half dime as a date is a major condition rarity in MS66 or better! The remnants of the inverted 3 are visible in the open loop of the primary 3 in the date. Lovely luster shines through rich patina of olive-gold tints with deeper touches of charcoal on the reverse.

    Better Date O-Mint

    1900-O 10c NGC MS66

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    Scarce and popular New Orleans-mint Barber dime, only two examples have been graded finer than this superb gem! Well-struck and beautifully preserved surfaces are satiny and tinted a lovely golden color.

    Key Date

    1796 25c PCGS/CAC VG-10

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    Affordable and original example of this historic and elusive issue! The 1796 quarter is a one-year type coin that is highly sought by collectors as a first year issue of all quarter dollars. An ideally centered and boldly detailed example for the grade level. Richly toned in dominant olive-grey tones with subtle golden highlights and pleasing hints of underlying luster. Overall a handsome example perfect for the advanced collector! 

    Classic Key Date Rarity

    1796 25c PCGS F15

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    The 1796 quarter is a one-year type coin that is highly sought by collectors as a first year issue of all quarter dollars. Handsome lavender-grey color coats the well-struck, distraction free surfaces. Subtle gold and blue undertones are revealed when the light hits the fields. Light, even wear touches the high points, overall the eye appeal is pleasing for the grade level.

    Beautifully Original

    1820 25c PCGS/CAC MS65+ (Large 0)

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    Beautiful rose and orange highlights with fantastic luster. A sliver of blue peaks through the rim tints with outstanding overall eye appeal. Only 4 pieces are graded finer by both services combined for the date and variety, though it would be challenging to find a more attractive example! CAC approved for quality. PCGS+ grade for premium quality at the top of end of the assigned grade.

    Rare Issue

    1859-S 25c NGC XF40

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    A well-detailed and more affordable example of this rare, low mintage issue. Just 80,000 business strikes, but much scarcer than even the mintage suggests. Light, even wear and nice underlying luster beneath patina of golden-brown.

    Key S-Mint

    1868-S 25c PCGS MS65

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    Gorgeous gem example of this key S-mint Seated quarter. A very scarce date from a mintage of 96,000. The present example comes from a population of 3 with just 3 graded finer. Beautifully preserved surfaces radiate frosty luster and feature unique streaks of peach, lavender, and lime toning. Fully struck with choice eye appeal!