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    Popular Gold Slug

    1852 U.S Assay Office $50 PCGS XF40 (887 THOUS)

    Next Bid: $37,500.00
    Closes: 3D 1H

    A handsome example of this popular territorial gold issue. A particularly nice reverse with few marks or dents, this is a popular piece from the early part of the California Gold Rush. Perhaps 200 or so of these survived, mostly with substantial problems, these were struck before the United States government could officially begin operations in San Francisco.

    Scarce and Desirable Slug from the California Gold Rush

    1851 Humbert $50 PCGS XF40 (Reeded Edge, 880 Thous, Kagin-5)

    Next Bid: $12,750.00
    Closes: 3D 1H

    Long popular with collectors, these octagonal slugs are a unique offering from the California Gold Rush era. The beautiful design was struck before the US Mint started conducting business in San Francisco at the Assay Office under the direction of Augustus Humbert and were widely circulated in California, even once official coins were produced.