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    Rare Issue

    1854-D G$1 NGC MS61

    Next Bid: $12,750.00
    Closes: 9D 7H

    Wonderful circulation survivor from an extremely low mintage of just 2,935, this Dahlonega issue is quite difficult to locate for even the most advanced collectors. Well-struck surfaces glow with strong luster beneath rich patina of warm golden-orange color. Great eye appeal! An ideal piece for the Southern Gold connoisseur.

    Civil War Date

    1861 $3 NGC AU58

    Next Bid: $7,800.00
    Closes: 9D 7H

    A beautiful darker yellow gold example of this popular Civil War Date. From a low mintage date of 5,959 coins, the luster stands out on this piece quite dramatically with just a touch of wear on the high points.

    Low Mintage Issue

    1843-O $5 PCGS AU55 (Large Letters)

    Next Bid: $4,650.00
    Closes: 9D 7H

    Handsome AU from a low mintage of 82,000 coins for this New Orleans gold half eagle. Dominate green-gold color is mixed with touches of peach and yellow-gold over delightfully distraction free surfaces. Boldly detailed with plenty of eye appeal considering the grade level.

    Low Mintage Rarity

    1869 $10 PCGS AU58

    Next Bid: $23,500.00
    Closes: 9D 7H

    This low-mintage Philadelphia issue is memorable due to the incredibly low mintage of just 1,830 pieces. Very difficult (and even rare!) in AU58 grades, it is impossible to locate finer examples. In fact, only 2 pieces have been graded finer by PCGS! Fantastically lustrous with just the slightest amount of wear on Liberty's curls, this piece is perfect for the true numismatist.

    Stunning Rare Date!

    1907 Wire Edge $10 PCGS MS65

    Next Bid: $82,500.00
    Closes: 9D 7H

    Designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, this design is considered one of the most beautiful examples of US coin designs. The wire-edge Ten is considered by many collectors to be one of the most desirable coins in the series. Only 500 coins were struck according to mint records and pleasing examples like this one are highly desirable. The mirrors and devices on this piece are equally attractive with a light golden yellow tint and traces of rose coming through at the rims. A truly gorgeous gem with stunning eye appeal.

    Scarce S-Mint Indian Eagle

    1913-S $10 NGC MS63

    Next Bid: $18,250.00
    Closes: 9D 7H

    Gorgeous example of this scarce date from a very low mintage of just 66,000 coins. A select example that saw beautiful preservation, this piece showcase frosty, bright luster across the smooth surfaces. Crisply struck and uniformly tinted a warm golden-orange the eye appeal is spectacular!

    Popular O-Mint

    1857-O $20 PCGS XF45

    Next Bid: $10,850.00
    Closes: 9D 7H

    A scarce date in any grade, it is estimated that only about 250 pieces from the original mintage of 30,000 coins survive. Nice details with light, even wear and plenty of luster.

    Tied for Finest

    1867 $20 PCGS MS63

    Next Bid: $25,000.00
    Closes: 9D 7H

    Only 4 grading events at PCGS have been recording for this date and grade. What is generally considered an available date in lower grades, the coin was simply not well-preserved in general, allowing for the scarcity in higher grades. Remarkably clean for the date with frosty surfaces, the piece exhibits very few abrasions for the date and grade with a lovely original yellow gold tint.

    Only One Finer!

    1868 $20 PCGS MS62

    Next Bid: $43,000.00
    Closes: 9D 7H

    While 2 other examples are graded as such by PCGS, only a single MS63 has been graded by PCGS and it resides in the Hansen Collection. This beautifully lustrous example is a unique survivor amongst the limited mintage of 98,575 pieces due to the heavy wear that most examples for the date exhibit. A truly nice, lustrous Philadelphia issue, this piece is under-appreciated in all uncirculated grades.

    Key Date

    1891 $20 PCGS AU53

    Next Bid: $39,000.00
    Closes: 9D 7H

    A key date in the series, only 1,390 pieces were produced. PCGS estimates that about 100 examples of the issue survive, with almost none in mint state. This AU example displays the typical marks of an AU53 but a dazzling underlying luster.